How to Create a Beautiful Pendant From a Vintage Plate

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
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I love collecting and making things from broken discarded items and so when I got given a lovely box of vintage broken crockery to work with I was so excited!

Broken china

I found some plates to cut into small pieces ready for shaping with my trusted wheeled tile nippers. Its important to also wear protective eye goggles as sometimes pieces fly!

I snip the china to create a shape that best fits the silver cabochon.

Cutting plate

The template I made from indenting some paper inside the frame and cutting it out . This is helpful to then draw around the china to capture the image you prefer to have as your pendant.


I then nibble away at the edges of ceramic using the wheeled tile nippers. I keep to the black marker.

Cutting around edges

Then it’s time to smooth sand the edges with a rotary hand sander to gradually make it fit into the cabochon tray. This takes some patience so as to not take too much off but bit by bit it becomes the right size.


When it’s the right shape it’s ready to glue it into the cabochon and let it set.

Glue in place

The beautiful purple ceramic pendant is finished off with a silver chain and voila!

Pendant from a plate
Suggested materials:
  • Silver cabochon   (Amazon)
  • Glue   (Amazon)

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