Reliving Puffiness & Dark Circles Around the Eyes

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Hello to all you kind people.

Thought I'd show just how easy it is to relive tierd eyes.

I suffer from tired eyes and when I need a quick solution, I do this trick.

It helps with dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

So meny benefits for what it is.

All you will need is two tea bags.

Yes that's correct only 2 tea bags.

Green tea works much better for eyes.

The more organic the better.

Place them a bowl and pour warm water

Not hot water!

Leave for 10 mins.

Squeeze out the excess water

lay them flat on a plate

Place them in the fridge

Let them cool for 20/30 mins

And here we have our cooled tea bags.

Apply one over each closed eye for 15/20 mins you can use your fingertips to apply pressure to massage the area around your eyes.

You can do this several times a day to reduce dark circles untill there visible reduced.

The caffeine in dark or green tea has a positive effect on puffiness and swollen eyes even keeping skin taut around the eye area.

I do this weekly.

Mostly when my eyes look tired.

Afterwards my eyes feel lots better.

Looking more brighter & feeling tighter. I've tried lots of creams and wasted lots of money. Seeing no effect atall.

With this method I can actually see the results.

I got told this hack by a lady who as done this since her teens shes is 70 now and her eyes are amazing.

It must be tea, she will say!

Thanks for reading

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  • Christina Christina on Sep 12, 2022

    This is a great hack! I love how they're already round fitting perfect over the eyes.