How to Shorten a Purse Strap

by Christina
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Do you have a super cute bag that you rarely wear because your purse strap is just too long?

Well, today, I’m going to show you a super easy hack for how to shorten a purse strap.

This hack doesn’t involve cutting the strap or anything of that sort and won't cause any damage to your bag. It's a piece of cake so let's jump into it.

Long bag strap

How to shorten a purse strap

All you need to do is twist the straps to essentially double them up.

Simply make a twist, and you will have two sets of straps that are the same size.

How to shorten a purse strap

The twist will be hidden under the flap of the bag.

How to shorten a purse strap

How to shorten a purse strap 

Now you have a shorter bag, which I find much more comfortable to wear as it doesn’t dangle around as much.

What's more, because we didn’t modify it permanently in any way, you can wear it with the strap long again whenever you like.

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