How to Style Wavy Hair For a Beachy Summer Look

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Here I’m going to show you how to style wavy hair so that all my wavy-haired girls out there can keep their natural texture but make it a little bit more pretty. Follow along as I take you through my haircare routine and show you how I achieve gorgeous curls that enhance my natural style.

Tools and materials:

  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Diffuser
  • Straightener
  • Curler
Applying leave-in conditioner with praying hands

1. Apply leave-in conditioner

I use a hydrating and detangling leave-in conditioner before styling my hair. My hair is a little bit damp, it's not completely dry, but it's also not wet.

One key thing when styling my hair with my natural texture is that once it starts drying, I cannot pass my fingers through it or brush it as I don’t want to destroy the pattern that the waves are forming. If I do, then my hair will go super fluffy.

So what I'm going to do is just spray a little bit of the leave-in conditioner in my hands; I'm only going to use two to three pumps for my whole head. Then, keeping my palms and fingers flat, I will apply it everywhere as evenly as possible.

The leave-in conditioner doesn’t mess with the texture, but it adds a little bit of shine and makes my hair look more hydrated.

Using a diffuser on wavy hair

2. Diffuse

Because I can't put heat on top of damp hair, I'm going to dry it out a little bit with a diffuser, again being careful not to interfere too much with the natural wavy texture. Usually, I would let my hair dry completely naturally, but when you don’t have time for that, a diffuser is the next best option.

How to get volume with wavy hair

Once my hair is dry, I need to start to think about the volume. I usually have a lot of volume in the middle of my hair, but not around the roots or at the bottom, and if I don't balance that out, it can look very weird.

So now I’m going to show you how I create more waves around the bottom of my hair.

If you don't have wavy hair and you want to try this hairstyle, this is what you need to do throughout your whole head, but if you do have wavy hair, then you only need to do this to a few sections to make it look more put together but still natural looking.

Don’t worry too much about a little bit of frizz because that’s just texture, and it’s part of the hairstyle.

Using a straightener to separate the bangs

3. Use a straightener

Before anything else, I'm going to start fixing the. I'm going to separate the triangle of my bangs and style that slightly different than the rest of my hair.

I’m going to separate the hair into smaller sections and do an s wave. That means that with a straighter, I’m going to alternate between bending the hair upwards and downwards.

Once I’ve done the front pieces, everything changes. It looks so much better, and the vibe is completely different. I could even wear my hair like this, I think it looks beautiful, but I also think we can make it a little bit better.

Using a curling wand on individual curls

4. Use a curling wand

Next, we’re going to use a curling wand. You want to use one that recreates your natural pattern. The one I’m using is a little thicker in the base and thinner at the top.

You want to just put some curls in there randomly and make sure that you section the hair differently. So some curls will be thinner, some will be thicker; I want it to look absolutely random.

You don't need to add a lot of heat, so you don't have to leave your hair in the curler for a long time. When you finish, just pull the section and let it cool for a bit; that way, you'll get more of a wave instead of a curl.

Do this throughout your whole head and every time you finish one curl, take a step back and look to see where you need to add a bit more curl. The main thing is not to overdo it. 

Styling wavy hair

With this hairstyle, I think less is better. So of course, do as much as you need to make it look great, but try not to do too much. If you do too much, then it doesn't look raw and natural, and it won't have the same vibe. There's a moment where you need to stop and think, okay, this is enough, and that's where you're going to get the best out of it.

How to style wavy hair

How to style wavy hair

I love the way this hairstyle perfectly recreates my natural hair texture. I don't add hairspray or anything like that. I love how the leave-in conditioner works; I don't think it weighs my hair down, but instead, it leaves my hair looking nice and hydrated.

I am in love with this gorgeous natural look, and I hope that you managed to pick up some helpful tips for styling your hair. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Diffuser
  • Straightener
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