How to Tease Hair for Volume: Fine Hair to Great Volume

4 Materials
45 Minutes

For those of you who have thin, flat hair, this tutorial is for you! I’ll be showing you how to tease hair for volume so that your hair doesn’t look shapeless and dull. What does teasing do to your hair? Teasing hair is one of the best tricks to add some much-needed volume. Let’s start!

Tools and materials:

  • Backcomb brush
  • Heat protectant
  • Styling spray
  • Hair straightener
Spraying heat protectant on hair

1. Prep your hair

If you want to know how to tease your hair, there’s a little bit of prep to do beforehand. First, spray some heat protectant, especially on your ends. 

Sectioning hair

Now, section your hair. You’ll only need to section the top part, just above your eyebrows. Gather your hair, brush it up, and clip. 

Backcombing hair to add volume

2. Backcomb your hair

Hold a section of hair upward, and backcomb it by an inch from the root. Then, spray it with a good hair spray. 

Repeat this around the section that’s closest to the clipped hair. Then, wait for the hair spray to dry. 

Using a hair straightener on hair sections

3. Use the hair straightener

Now, hold a section of hair upward, clamp the hair straightener from the root and glide it to the ends, sliding it down in a half-circle motion. See my video from 3:58 minutes to see the technique in action.

Repeat this throughout all the backcombed sections. 

How do you tease short hair for volume?

4. Repeat

Now, section off more of your hair from the top part. and repeat the exact process with the new pieces. Backcomb, spritz your favorite hairspray, wait for it to dry, and straighten. 

How to tease fine hair

Once the second round is done, section off more hair from the top, and… you’ve guessed it - repeat! 

Now, flip the remaining top section of hair over and adjust as you desire.

5. Backcomb the top and sides

So, now it’s all about the finishing touches. I am backcombing the top back part of my hair and repeating the process just as I did with the other sections from underneath. I also backcombed some side sections. 

Straightening bangs

6. Straighten bangs

Next, straighten your bangs.

Scrunching hair at the roots with fingers

7. Scrunch with fingers

Your hair may seem a little out of place, so simply scrunch the roots with your fingers, so it looks natural and cohesive. 

How to tease hair for volume

How to tease hair for volume tutorial

There you go, this is how to tease fine hair and give it that voluptuous volume! Thanks for joining me, and I hope you’ve learned a trick or two on how to tease hair for volume that will last you three days!

Let me know what you think of this style in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Backcomb brush
  • Heat protectant
  • Styling spray
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  • Lalee Lalee on Nov 29, 2021

    I’ve never heard of a “heat protectant” what is it?

    • Caroshina Caroshina on Jan 13, 2022

      Its a spray-in product that provides protection from the heat of curling irons, straighteners and the like. Find it near the hairsprays and hair products.

  • Lalee Lalee on Jan 13, 2022

    Oh duh! Lol thanks for the “explanation”..