How to Turn Aluminum Soda Cans Into Earrings

Stacy Davis
by Stacy Davis
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I absolutely love to repurpose and reuse items if possible so when I saw this couple on TikTok turning aluminum cans into art, I knew I would love to try that. But Art was maybe too ambitious, now earrings might be a really fun thing to make. And do we have the seltzer cans in this house. ***And a word of caution, these cans are ridiculously sharp so you need to use an abundance of caution when handling them. I recommend using flexible work gloves. And do not leave these where small children can get ahold of them.***

Here is a picture of all the items that I used. I also recommend using some flexible work gloves to protect your skin.

So, I decided to try a craft beer can and it was a failure. The cans with sticker label won’t work.

It was so jammed in the hole punch that we could barely get it out.

When you get a new metal hole punch set, it will be covered in oil so make sure use plenty of paper towels to clean off the oil before you use it.

Next you can use metal lubricant or metal lubricating wax sticks on the edges that will cut the can. This will help get your cuts nice and clean.

I carefully use a utility knife to start a hole in the can.

Then I found it easiest to switch to scissors. I use them to cut off the top and the bottom of the cans.

Then you have a tube and you use your scissors to cut the seam so that you have a rectangle.

Like so.

You will place it in the slot of the hole punch.

Place the punch in the hole and hammer it down.

I actually like to do three sizes at a time.

You can try to position the holes to highlight specific pictures and patterns if you like.

Once I started, I found it very therapeutic.

I washed the pieces in soapy water and dried with a paper towel. I read that if you have a sharp jagged edge that you can file it with a metal file or a nail file.

I used a Crop a dile hole punch to add a hole for the jump ring.

I used this earring kit to create some dangle earrings using two different sized circles on each.

It was so easy. I opened the jump ring and added the circles and earring and then closed the jump ring and was done. If you want the pattern on both sides just put 2 on in one direction and 2 the opposite.

Talk about a quick project. (At least from the point when you have a bunch of circles cut and you begin assembling earrings. 😊)

I think they really cute and a fun way to repurpose cans.

I have some ideas for coloring the other side but for now this is the quick and easy version.

I have been stockpiling different can colors to make more earrings.

What cans would you like to see earrings made of?

Suggested materials:
  • Metal hole punch kit   (Amazon)
  • Metal lubricant stick   (Harbor Freight)
  • Earring making kit   (Amazon)
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  • Leanne Santangelo Leanne Santangelo on Dec 05, 2021

    You can use a regular hole punch or ones that make different shape. I heard it also sharpens the punch blade. You can use a nail file or sand paper or whatever else to smooth it.

  • Lorie Silva-Kirk Lorie Silva-Kirk on Dec 05, 2021

    I love this idea!

    To give the disc's more "depth" they would also look great curved/domed... using a dapping block.