How to DIY Edgy Distressed Jeans With Patches

Quiana Unique
by Quiana Unique
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Hi everyone. In this DIY, we’re going to turn a pair of overly ripped pants into distressed jeans with patches. Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Distressed/Ripped jeans
  • Sew-on patches
  • Lace fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • E6000 glue
  • Pins
  • Scissors
Pinning holes

1. Pin larger holes together and sew them closed

To start, close up some of the larger holes so your entire leg won’t be hanging out.

Overlap the pieces you want to connect and pin them together to hold them. Then sew.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can also use a needle and thread.

Make sure to use either white thread or thread of a color that will blend in with your jeans.

Determining lace placement

2. Determine where you want the lace to go 

Take your lace fabric and place it over the sections of the open areas you would like to cover.

Cutting lace

3. Cut

Cut a piece that is twice the size of the hole you’re covering.

I have my lace overlapping so it will be darker, but you don’t have to do this. You can do just one layer. 

Pinning lace to jeans

4. Pin your lace fabric to the jeans

Pin your lace loosely into place.

Ensure it’s loose enough so when you put your body into it, it won’t be stretching too tightly and it won’t rip. 

Gluing or sewing lace onto jeans

5. Glue or sew all of the lace on

Repeat steps 2-4 with all of your lace.

Once you have them placed where you want them, you can either use E6000 glue or you can sew them on. I did a combination of both.

Gluing patches onto jeans

6. Glue and place the patches on the jeans

Once the glue is dry, flip the pants back right side out and now you can decorate the pants with the patches.

Decide where you want to lay the patches and then use the E6000 glue in the center of the roses. 

Gluing patches onto jeans

These are sew-on, so you could also sew them on, but it’s hard to do in some areas of the pants.

So, I decided to glue them on first and then use needle and thread to tack the sides where I want to give them extra protection.

I didn’t want them completely sewn or glued on as I wanted pieces to lift so it appeared more my style.

Leave the jeans to dry for 24 hours and they’re done!

DIY distressed jeans with patches

DIY distressed jeans with patches

I absolutely love the way these distressed patch jeans turned out!

Whether you were looking to try out the lace technique to learn how to fix distressed jeans without a patch, or just wanted a new style of edgy jeans to try out, I hope you loved this DIY as much as I did!

Let me know your thoughts about this technique down below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Distressed/Ripped jeans
  • Sew-on patches
  • Lace fabric
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