DIY Flare Pants

This simple DIY is perfect for adding some flair and color to your jeans. You can do this with any color dupatta or a scarf. I recommend using one that does not have super thick and heavy weight to the fabric. You want it to be loose and flowy.

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Here are the two things you need for this DIY

First draw a line on your pants where you plant to cut the bottom off. I recommend you keep at least 3/4 of your pants and cut right above the knee

Here are the pants cut

Next lay out your scarf and mark where you plan to cut on it

(TIP: Make sure you don't leave it too long because the scarf will make your pants too long and flooding)

Here is where I am cutting so I will only use some of the scarf

Now sew these two pieces together

Here are the pants in a finished outfit!

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