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Create DIY Stenciled Jeans with the Ikonart Stencil Kit and my FREE Floral and Butterfly Printable. Personalize store-bought denim blue jeans with my FREE Floral and Butterfly art using the Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit. Y'all know that I love to hand letter, doodle, and draw, so I have included the FREE printable file that is perfect for jeans, a tote bag, a tee shirt, or even the back of a jacket. And with the Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit, making these personalized gifts is quick and easy. I LOVE that I could upcycle these jeans into a fun and trendy fashion statement for my bestie, Laura.

DIY Floral Stenciled Jeans with Free Printable

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Here's what you need to Upcycle and Stencil Blue Jeans:

Here's how to create Stenciled Denim:


To start the DIY Stenciled Jeans with Free Floral Printable, gather all your supplies. Head over to this post, DIY Stenciled Journal for all the beginner information about Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit and setting it up. Size the design to fit your final project, and print it out on either Inkjet Printer Film or Laser Printer Film depending upon which type of printer you have. Be sure to flip or mirror the image when dealing with words and follow all of the directions for the best results. The kit does come with a sample print if you want to see how the designs look when printed, and to make a stencil with it. Wash and dry the jeans without fabric softener. Download my Free Floral and Butterfly Printable file on the website


Next up is exposure. Set up the Ikonart exposure stand with UV LED Light by following the directions included in the kit. Ikonart Stencil Film is light-sensitive, so be careful to keep it out of the sunlight and bright interior lights before exposing it. Cut a piece of the blue exposure film the same size as your design.

Lay the piece of purple exposure film down on the base of the stand with the textured side facing up. Place the printed design on top of the film, making sure it's right-side-up, making sure that you can read any words in your design.

Place a clear exposure sheet from the stencil film pack on top and press to seal the design securely against the stencil film. Turn on the exposure light and expose the film for 35 seconds with inkjet printer film, or 30 seconds with laser printer film.


Next, the exposed stencil needs to be washed out or rinsed. After exposing the film, the design will not yet be visible. You can soak the stencil for up to one minute in warm water to speed up the rinsing process.

Clip the exposed stencil film to the Ikonart clipboard with the shiny side, or carrier sheet, touching the clipboard. Use the sprayer of your kitchen sink faucet to rinse the stencil film with warm water to reveal your design. Spray the stencil film evenly until the design shows through and becomes completely clear. The rinsing process should take about 3 minutes.

Hang the washed-out stencil to dry. My friend Lindsay taught me a trick, stick the wet stencil on the shiny carrier sheet on your sliding glass door to dry. NOTE: Make sure that the carrier sheet is on the back of the stencil film or it will permanently stick to the glass.


The last step is to post-expose, and it is important, so don't skip it! Once the stencil is completely dry, place the stencil film back on the exposure stand with the textured side up and post-expose for at least 2 minutes. The clear cover sheet is not needed. Note: Post-exposure increases the durability of the stencils and is very important. Use a MONOTwin Permanent Marker and write “back” on the carrier sheet (shiny side) on the back of the stencil for storage.


Now it is time to CREATE with your new Ikonart Custom Stencil. Peel the carrier sheet away from the stencil and set it aside, but don't throw it away. Carefully rub the stencil down and apply pressure to help it stick to the surface and get rid of any air bubbles. With a palette knife, add a little bit of Speedball Screen Print Ink for Fabric to the top or side of the stencil. Be careful not to go near the edges. If you feel like you need a little more room, you can place some painter's tape around the edges.

Cover all the open mesh areas of your stencil using the included Ikonart squeegee, a brush, or even your finger. Again, be careful not to scrape the paint off of the stencil edges. I love the marled effect that using the four ColorShot acrylic paint colors gives the finished project. NOTE: Just make sure to place a plate or parchment paper down before placing food on this board.

To complete the DIY Stenciled Jeans, carefully remove the stencil film to reveal the design on your project surface. I always like to practice new techniques on a scrap of material first, prior to completing the finished project. This gives me a feel for how the fabric, stencil, and ink will react and lets me make changes to how I complete the finished stencil. Heat set the Speedball Screen Print Ink for Fabric for 30 seconds with an iron or heat press.

To clean the stencil, get the Ikonart clipboard wet so your stencil does not stick to it. Place the stencil on the clipboard with the textured side up, and lightly run the stencil under running water to remove all the paint. Do not rub or scrub the adhesive side of the stencil, and NEVER use anything other than water to wash the stencils. To prevent the stencil from breaking down, don't ever leave the stencils to soak.

Remove the stencil from the clipboard and lay it down with the adhesive side up. While the stencil is still wet, place the carrier sheet onto the stencil so that the word “BACK” is readable. Hang or lay the stencil flat to dry completely.

Stencils MUST be dry before using, or you could ruin your stencil and/or project surface. Repeat the stenciling process (and washing) again until you are satisfied with the project.

DIY Stenciled Jeans with Ikonart Stencil Kit

I cannot wait to create more personalized screen-printed home decor, clothing, gifts, and more with my Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit. The possibilities are ENDLESS! Visit the Ikonart website and find everything you need to create custom, reusable stencils using any artwork you want. Get started with the Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit and Textile Add-on Bundle, or shop the line of adhesive Stencil Films, high-quality Printer Films, Inks & Pastes, or Stencil Making Accessories. If you want to test out Ikonart but you aren't ready to commit to the full Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit, then this is the kit for you. The Ikonart Try-Me Kit includes everything you need to make a double-sided wood sign, complete with three (3) imaged Ikonart Stencils, Four (4) colors of ink, the wooden sign, embellishments, and all the tools needed. Customize it any way you would like. NOTE: This Ikonart Try-Me Kit is a limited edition and is only available while supplies last.

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