Custom Popsocket With Geode

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
4 Materials
1 Hour

I've been seeing a lot of pretty Popsockets with geodes on the end and happened to have a few slices laying around icon

This is what happens when you keep random things from random projects.

I ordered a plain popsocket, the only thing was that the Geode slice had a hole in it but I decided to use this for a chain with beads I also had.

I adhered the popsocket as instructed.

Then I picked out some beads I liked and tied them together in a chain.

This wasn't necessarily my favorite of the Geodes but it fit the best over the popsocket.

Then I used super glue to secure the stone, I added 4 dots to the popsocket before sticking on the Geode.

Then I let it dry for several ours to makes sure it wouldn't fall off.

Now I have one of the Geode popsockets of my own! I might need to think of something to do with the other slices as well. I initially got them to make a necklace and may need to revisit that idea in a future post!

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  • Popsocket   (Amazon)
  • Geode slice
  • Beads
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