How to Make 5 Fun Hair Ties That Double as Bracelets

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Many girls wear a plain black hair elastic on their wrists in case they need to put up their hair. How wonderful would it be to make super cute, fashionable hair ties that double as bracelets?

I’ll show you how to make these five styles of elastic bracelets that you can use as hair ties. They not only look super cute but are also super functional. These are also really cute to make with your best friend as a friendship bracelet or make a complete set to give as a gift. Let me show you how to make a hair tie that looks like a bracelet.

Tools and materials:

  • 2 or 3 mm thick elastic cord (0.07 to 0.11 inches)
  • Clear glue
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Beads
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Bottle the size of your wrist
  • Clips
Bracelet with bow

Bracelet with bow

Use 3 mm elastic cord, glue and beads

Cutting elastic

1. Make the bracelet

Cut the elastic to measure your wrist plus extra to make sure you have enough.

Wrapping elastic around bottle

Wrap the elastic around a bottle that is similar to the size of your wrist. Make a simple bow. Pull it taut until you’re happy with the bow. Cut the ends. 

Decorating the bow

2. Decorate the bow

Add beads to finish the ends and glue in place. Pull the bead up the elastic a bit. Dab some glue at the end. Slide the bead down.

Adding glue to the bow

Add some glue to the bow to secure it. Let it dry on the bottle until it’s ready to wear.

Completed DIY bow hair tie

What a beautiful bracelet with bow hair tie.

Ribbon bracelet

Ribbon bracelet

Use decorative ribbon, 3mm elastic and hot glue

Cutting the elastic

1. Make the bracelet

Use any type of decorative ribbon. Cut the ribbon and the elastic to fit your wrist.

Folding the ribbon

On the ribbon only, make a loop by folding over and gluing the ribbon about ⅛ of an inch inward on both sides. I’m using two ribbons and I made two loops on each ribbon.

Pulling the elastic through the loops

Once the glue is dry, pull the elastic through the loops. Make sure the ribbons aren’t twisted.

Tying the elastic into a bow

Use the bottle to help you tie the elastic into a bow. Put the ribbons to one side and the elastic to the other. Tie the elastic.

Pulling the elastic through

At the top, pull the elastic through at the top and tie it so there isn’t a large gap.

Cutting the ends

Cut the ends. If you want to, you can carefully use a flame to singe or burn the edges so they don’t fray. 

Beaded bracelet

Beaded bracelet

Use 2 mm elastic and beads

Cutting the elastic

1. Make the bracelet

Cut two strands of elastic equal in length. Make a knot at the end.

Putting a bead through one of the stands

Put a bead through one of the strands.

Threading bead

Then take the other strand and put it through the same bead on the opposite side.

Leaving space between the strands

Leave some space in between them.

Repeating process

Continue doing this until the bracelet is long enough for your wrist.

Tying a simple knot

To close, use the bottle to hold in place while you tie a simple knot. Trim the ends. You can carefully singe them to stop fraying.

Braided DIY hair tie

Braided hair tie

Use 2 mm elastic, beads, clips and hot glue

1. Make the bracelet

Start by estimating how much elastic you’ll need.

Cutting the strands

Cut three strands all the same length. Clip them onto a board.

Adding beads

You can make it plain or add beads. I like to add different colored beads and put them alternating on the left and right sides of the braid. Once it’s long enough, clip the bottom.

Using glue gun

Hot glue the ends on both sides to keep the braid in place.

Gluing the ends together

Then hot glue the ends together by laying one on top of the other. To hide the glue, wrap a piece of elastic around it.

Knotted bracelet

Knotted bracelet

Use 3 mm elastic, clear glue and hot glue

Cutting the elastic

1. Make the bracelet

This is Anthropologie inspired. Cut the elastic to go around your wrist twice, plus some extra.

Making a knot

Loop the elastic. Make a knot on the looped end. Secure the knot and glue in place.

Making a knot

Knot the open end at the bottom. Leave the ends tucked in. Pull to secure and glue the knot in place.

Trimming the excess

Trim the excess.

Placing one knot inside the other

Place one knot inside the other. Glue the knots to each other.

Three completed hair tie bracelets

I love these hair ties that double as bracelets.

Completed hair tie bracelet

Perfect for your wrist or your hair.

Completed DIY hair tie bracelets

Please let me know in the comments if you made these and which ones you made.

Suggested materials:
  • 2 or 3 mm thick elastic cord (0.07 to 0.11 inches)
  • Clear glue
  • Hot glue and glue gun
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