How to Make an Evil Eye Bracelet Using Easy Macrame Techiques

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I’m back with a new bracelet DIY. Today, I’ll be showing you how to make an evil eye bracelet. Let’s get right into it.

Tools and materials:

  • Waxed cotton cord
  • Glue 
  • Scissors
  • Strong tape or clipboard
Cutting cords to the right length

1. Cut your cords

You’ll need 3 strands with 31.5 inches for the outside part of the eye and three with 24 inches for the inside. 

Making the first knot

2. Make a knot

Gather two of the longer cords and make a knot about 6 inches from the top. The extra cord will be the wristband for the bracelet. 

Clipping the cord down

3. Clip or tape down the cord

Hold the cord in place with a piece of strong tape or clip.

Tying another piece of cord to the working cord

4. Tie a cord to the other cords

Grab the other longer cord and tie it at the top with a simple knot. This will be the working cord, the one connecting all the knots together. 

How to make half hitch knots

5. Make two half hitch knots on each side

Place the cords under the middle one. Then, bring the end through the loop.

Making half hitch knots

Make another knot, this time with the cord over the middle one, and also bring the end through the loop.

Repeating the half hitch knots

Repeat these two actions for the left cord. 

Adding blue cord

6. Add the blue cord

Fold the blue card in half and place it under the purple cord. 

Pulling the ends through

Pull both ends through and pull it tight. 

How to make your own evil eye bracelet

7. Repeat

Repeat step 5 three times, doing one under and the other two over the cords.

Macrame evil eye bracelet tutorial

8. Knot the blue cord

Now, knot the blue cord over the working purple cord twice and pull the end downward.

Knotting the blue cord

Repeat with the other blue cord. 

Repeating the pattern

9. Repeat

Repeat this same pattern until you meet the middle of the next row.

Adding white cord

10. Add the white cord

Add the white cord as in step 6 and carry on knotting until you reach the next row.

Adding another purple cord

11. Add another purple cord

Once you finish knotting the white cords, add another purple cord.

Knotting an evil eye bracelet

12. Continue knotting until you reach the center

Once the next row is complete, we’re going to start decreasing the number of knots to create that oval shape. Continue with the pattern until you reach the center. 

DIY evil eye bracelet

13. Continue, but tie only one of the purple cords

For this row, instead of tying both purple cords, tie just one. I tied the one on the left, but it will probably help pull the other knots and get a better alignment for the colors if I’d chosen the one on the right.

Make sure to pull the working cord tight to avoid any big gaps in between knots. 

DIY evil eye macrame bracelet

Adjust the shape in between each row.  

Continuing knotting the rows

Continue knotting the rows and removing a cord on each one. It might look crooked right now, but just keep it as straight as you can and we’ll even it out later.

Finishing the last row

14. Finish the last row

On the last row, make just two knots on each side, one under and another over the cord. You can also use a pointed object to help push the knots. 

Tying the working cords

15. Tie the working cords

To keep the knots from moving, tie together the two working cords. 

Cutting the cords

16. Cut and glue the skipped cords

Cut the skipped cords and add a drop of glue to secure them. Once the glue is dry, you can trim them shorter.

Tying the DIY evil eye bracelet around the wrist

17. Tie

Tie it around your wrist as it is or make a wrist band. 

How to make a wristband with square knots

To make a wristband, use square knots. You can see how to do this in my previous tutorial on square knot friendship bracelets.

How to make an evil eye bracelet

How to make an evil eye bracelet

That’s it for this macrame evil eye bracelet tutorial and here’s the finished DIY evil eye bracelet! Thanks so much for following along and let me know what you think about this tutorial!

Suggested materials:
  • Waxed cotton cord
  • Glue
  • Scissors
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