Make Your Own: Leather and Pearl Bracelet

Kellie Sutton
by Kellie Sutton
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Today’s tutorial will teach you how to make something fabulous! We’re going to use some leather and classic pearls to create a simple bracelet that will quickly become a favorite. Join me to learn how to make a leather and pearl bracelet that will never go out of style.

Tools and materials:

  • Leather (36 inches of 2 mm)
  • 3 ply Irish wax linen (20 inches)
  • 4 pearls
  • Crimp ends
  • Toggle
  • Jump rings
  • Barrel nut tube
  • Cutters
  • Pliers
  • G.S. Hypo cement
  • Painters tape
  • Clipboard
Leather pearl bracelet

DIY leather and pearl bracelet

Tie a square knot 

Take your leather and cut it in half so that you have two equal pieces (each about 18 inches long). Once that’s done, place the ends of the leather into the clipboard to keep it steady. Next, take your Irish wax linen, fold it in half and find the center point. Place the center point behind the leather and make a square knot. Do this about two to three inches away from the edge. To learn how to do a perfect square knot, check out the video at 2:05. 

Make a leather and pearl bracelet

Make a barrel knot 

Pull the leather out from the clipboard and pull the knot as tight as you can. Now, grab your barrel knot tube and place it on top of the square knot. To do this, start by taking the piece of leather that’s farther away from you and wrapping it under and around three times (towards your left hand). Once that’s done, stick the tail of the leather into the barrel knot tube, pull it through, and tight. Make sure before you tighten your barrel knot that you are over the square knot. 

How to make a leather and pearl bracelet

Insert your beads 

Take your beads and weave them onto your Irish wax linen. Now, tape the end of the wax linen to the bottom and bring three of the beads to the end and out of the way. With the remaining bead, push it up as far as it will go and tie a square knot around it. This may cause the bead to pop up, to fix that, simply push it back down and tighten both sides until the bead is in your desired spot. Again, to see how this is done, see the video at 4:45. Repeat this process three times until all your beads are securely in place. 

Easy leather and pearl bracelet

Secure the beads 

For the last bead, slip it in place and then begin to tie a succession of knots on your Irish linen. This will create a bit of bulk in your bracelet and keep the beads from popping off. Once that’s done, take a small dab of G.S. Hypo and place it on over the knots. Next, to finish securing the beads, bring the leather around and make another barrel knot (like we have on the other end). To see how to do this successfully, see the video at 8:28.  

Simple leather and pearl bracelet

Find your size 

Separate the leather and cut off the excess Irish linen. Secure it with another drop of G.S. hypo into the idle of the knot. Next, use a measuring tape to find the comfortable size of your wrist and deduct 1.5 inches from that measurement (the latch will make up that extra room). Then, being careful to deduct the same amount from both sides (measuring from the middle), remove any excess leather from your bracelet. 

leather and pearl bracelet tutorial

Attach the clasp 

Place your ends into the end caps and secure them by using pliers to scrunch them tight. Next, to attach the clasp we are going to start with pulling a jump ring open with pliers (do this by pulling the ends in opposite directions). Weave the jump ring through the end cap, add on your toggle and tighten the jump ring back up by pulling the ends back together. Once that’s done, open the second jump ring, slip into onto the opposite end cap. Add two more jump rings onto that one to create a chain and then add your closer to the final jump ring. Finally, to finish, add a couple of dabs of G.S. Hypo to the barrel knots to secure them. 

I love this leather pearl bracelet! Not only for how cute it is, but for how easy it is to match it and wear it. Try it with different colors and beads, it is so easy to make something you love! 

Suggested materials:
  • Leather
  • 3 ply Irish wax linen
  • Pearls
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