Hand-painted Autumn Heart Brooch DIY

Watching the Autumn leaves on the trees, turn yellow, orange, red and brown is one of my favourite things to do, the colours of the season just come alive and mesmerise you with a spectrum of autumnal colour. I was thinking of how to capture these colours into an autumn DIY and this brooch just came to life, a unique piece to add to your jewellery collection this Autumn.

What You Will Need

  • Wooden Heart Blanks x 2 Small & x1 Large
  • Acrylic Paint inc Gold
  • Brooch Fastening
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush

How to Make

Choose your fave Autumn paint colours, I chose 6 of my favourite including light pink, orange, burgundy, tahini gold, yellow and red. These colours all complement each other way and scream Autumn when used together. Squeeze some paint out onto your canvas.

Take your hearts, we will paint them all at the same time, this is a super quick craft, the longest part is the drying, Protect your surface, you can either pop some blu tac or washi tape on the back of your hearts to stop them moving when painted or like me use a thin paintbrush to hold them in place while you paint.

Starting with your lightest colour take a good amount on the brush and paint short brush strokes of colour, I want the paint strokes to have texture so don’t apply too thin. Wash your brush then move through your colours repeating the same short textured brushstrokes.

As your fill up your hearts the colours will blend slightly to create new shades. You can have fun creating your own design, there is no right or wrong. Once you have used all your colours and covered all the hearts leave to dry.

Once dry, glue the smaller hearts on top of the larger heart, it looks nice if you angle them and have them overhanging the edge of the main heart. When these have dried you can add a brooch fastening onto the back of your brooch.

Take a metallic gold paint or marker and add gold highlights onto your design, small little dashes that will catch the light when you wear your brooch. Again leave to dry.

These Autumn heart brooches are miniature works of art and each one will be unique, why not make a matching set for your friends and family. As the seasonal change your can create new colour palettes inspired by nature.

I hope you have a go at making my hand-painted Autumn heart brooch DIY, you can follow me @i_heart_maggie on Instagram or Bloomingunique on Tik Tok, you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can see what I have been making, and don’t forget to check out my other blog posts.


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