Tutorial-Jean Corsage-(Got Old Jeans?)

It all started when I decided to get rid of this worn pair of jeans...

It was a much darker color when I bought it, but now, some parts are faded( knee, rear...you know how that goes). Then the frugul side of me kicked in and stopped me from throwing the jeans in the trash.

I made a couple of things, but I am doing tutorial for one item today.

I saw a jean corsage at an expensive department store once, if I remember correctly, it was around $38.00. It was pretty, but not $38.00 pretty... I decided to make my own with my old jeans.

I will show you what I did.

1. Cut 5 squares. 2- 3 1/2", 1- 3", 1- 2 3/4", 1- 2 1/2".

2. Cut out flower shapes. It is easier to cut by using the corners as a guide. Remember, it doesn't need to be perfect! That give the corsage charactor.

3. Sew along the edges of the flowers to prevent fraying. (It will fray a little, but not as much, it also gives body to each of the petals.)

4. Stack them together, large flower to small. Make sure that petals don't overlap each other from the top layer down to the bottom layer.

5. Sew a large bead in the middle, then, sew 7-8 pearls around it. I sew at least a couple times for each bead to make sure they are secure. For the color of the beads, I originally wanted to do a cream color, but I ended up picking darker colors. I like that the beads don't stand out too much.

6. Sew the pin to a 1 1/2" felt circle. Using the slip stitch, sew that onto the back of the flower.

7. I didn't won't my flower to lay flat, so I squeezed it and made the shape. It is totally a personal choice.

8. Time to enjoy!

I love this corsage, amazingly, it goes with lots of the outfits. It will be cute on some bags too.

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