How to Recycle Old Ceramic Plates Into Jewellery

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
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2 Hours

I often like to stop crockery going into landfill and help the environment by using up old things that are no longer wanted or useable. This box of old crockery and ornaments came to me from someone who knows I use and repurpose vintage items. I found it so exciting to see such treasures that could be transformed into some new pretty jewellery pieces.

Old crockery

I begin by cutting up some plates and saucers using a pair of wheeled tile nippers that are available in any DIY store and so simple to use and makes cutting ceramic easy.

Remember use eye goggles to protect from flying china!

Cutting china

I am seeing so many pairs of earrings from the lovely patterns and the shapes that are possible are endless.

I then smooth the edges with a mini sanding drill and all the rough bits are made smooth and also it’s possible to shape the pieces into a desired form.

Mini hand sander

The edges now made smooth it’s time to drill some holes into the ceramic for the earring hooks and I use a diamond tipped drill piece that is hard enough to cut through. I make sure I cool the top also with water to preserve its cutting point.


I then feed the little silver jump rings and sterling silver ear hooks into the hole and secure with round nosed pliers.

Ear hooks fitted

I am so happy with the results and these lovely vintage earrings look amazing and just great to preserve vintage crockery.

Vintage ceramic earrings
Suggested materials:
  • Mini hand held drill   (Amazon)
  • Round nosed pliers   (Amazon)
  • Sterling silver ear hooks and fittings   (Amazon)

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  • Karen Shaw Karen Shaw on Nov 20, 2021

    What sanding bit do you use on your dremmel?

    • Susan Goode Susan Goode on Nov 20, 2021

      H Karen, As per the photo it is a round blue /grey carbide stone. I find this one works best and is the quickest to grind down and smooth.