DIY Felt Beaded Necklace

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by Laura Kelly Designs
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I love creating fashion in all the bright colors. This project is such a great one to do with a group of kid either while out camping as scouts or even in a classroom. It is inexpensive which is always a plus. Because Kunin Felt comes in such a large variety of colors, the possibilities of design are endless. I love this project for a party craft too! It even works to create team spirit jewelry in the colors of the school. Let’s make one!

Materials Needed for Felt Beaded Necklace

(All pieces cut from 12” x 18” Craft Cuts of Kunin Premium and 9” x 12” Craft Cuts of Classic or Corduroy in colors of your choosing)

  • Assorted Craft Cuts of Kunin Classic, Premium, and Corduroy Felt in Various Colors
  • Scissors (Fabric Scissors Work Best)
  • Beacon Felt Glue
  • Twine or Hemp Cord
  • Clothespins

Step One

Cut felt into approximately 1” by 9” strips or larger. It works with about any strip but we found that cutting the corners makes prettier beads. Put a generous amount of felt glue on one end of each piece of cut felt.

Step Two

Roll the felt up until it overlaps the glue then use clothespins to hold them in place while they dry. Give them about 30 minutes before opening them up.

Allow some time to let the glue dry. This is a great time for singing songs, taking hikes and telling stories.

Step Three

String the felt beads onto twine. It can be whatever length your girls like. Tie it closed being sure it is long enough to fit over the head. Ta Da!

I think they are so cute. The rolls are super fun but they could be made much smaller too. This craft project is great for all ages

Suggested materials:
  • Felt   (craft store)
  • Felt glue   (craft store)

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