Halloween Jewellery - Spider in the Web Pendant

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30 Minutes

Halloween jewellery is always fun. If you are looking for jewelry for halloween, check out my spider in the web pendant.

I have these spider beads and I thought, what better time to do a tutorial using a spider bead!


Here’s what you will need:

If you would prefer, you can purchase a  kit for this project.


You will also need:

  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Wire cutters


If you prefer you can watch the video, on my YouTube Channel.


Take four of the 13cm pieces of 20 gauge wire and, holding them together, find the centre. Using the fifth piece of wire, wrap it around the centre of the wires 3-4 times, beginning and ending on the same side. Trim of the excess wire and press down the ends. Give this a good squeeze with the chain nose pliers to flatten, a little like squeezing a crimp.

Spread the wires out to form the basic shape of your spider web. Don’t worry too much about this as they will move around as you wrap them.

Using the 26 gauge wire, lay the end across the centre wrap leaving a tail, then wrap around one of the supporting arms of the frame three times close to the centre. Leave the tail long.

Next wrap the wire around the next supporting arm, making sure you keep the distance between the arms as you had laid it out. Repeat until you have wrapped around all the arms and come back to where you began. Now is a good time to trim off the tail you left at the previous step.

Continue to make the wraps increasing the amount of wire between the supporting arms so that it keeps the shape of the frame. When you have the required size, end off by wrapping 3-4 times around as you did to start. If you run out of wire, use this same process to add more.

Decide which arm of the frame you want to attach to the necklace. Trim the other arms of the frame and create a loop on the end of each one. If you need instructions on how to form the loop, watch the video.

Make a wire wrapped loop on the arm which will attach to the necklace. To do this, bend the wire at a right angle to the work. Put your round nose pliers close to the bend and wrap the wire around the jaws of the pliers. Keeping the pliers inside the loop, wrap the tail around the ‘stem’ coming up from the pendant.You can use pliers to hold the end of the wire if this helps. Trim off the end and ensure there are no ends poking out.

Thread the remaining piece of wire through the hole in the spider. Bend the wires together on the back side of the spider. Thread both wires down between the wires of the web where you want the spider to sit and then back up and through the spider again, repositioning the spider as you go. Repeat.

Wrap the two wires about one of the supporting arms behind the spider and trim off the excess wire. Tuck in any ends.

Open the jump and place the pendant and the cord necklace onto the ring. Close the jump ring.

Adjust the wires of your spider web if you wish to.

Now you have a Halloween spider web necklace.

If you liked this project, check out my other beading tutorials, either in the Create section of my blog or on my YouTube channel

Happy Halloween!

Suggested materials:
  • 15mm Spider bead   (https://www.affordablejewellerysupplies.co.nz/product/spider-beads-15m)
  • 6mm Black Jump Ring x1   (https://www.affordablejewellerysupplies.co.nz/product/jump-rings-round)
  • 20 Gauge Silver Wire 5x13cm pieces   (https://www.firemountaingems.com/itemdetails/h201430wr)
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