How I Made a Japa Mala Using a Knot a Bead Tool

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
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10 Hours

In my pervious post I made a Japa Mala beaded meditation necklace using two strands and knotting one strand over the other between each bead. I wanted to make another one but the holes for the beads were smaller and I couldn't fit two strands. This time a used a knot a bead tool!

I started by making a tassle by folding string in half and looping wax strand in the middle.

I tied off and beaded the first couple beads.

Then using a separate strand, I tied the tassels in about a centimeter from the top.

I was feeling a boho beachy vibe for this one and my daughter and I found this shell with a hole in it that was perfect as a little accent piece!

Now to get the knots tight in-between each bead, I used a knot a bead tool. Basically, you string a bead, look and tie the not over the needle part of the tool.

Then place the know at the hook section and pull tight to the left, then move the needle off the strand using the leaver on the left. This creates a tighter knot then one you can do with your hand.

I also added a shell charm to the middle so you know when you are half way done with your meditation.

Finally, I cut the loose ends and used a lighter to melt the wax string to secure it.

Suggested materials:
  • Beads
  • Wax strand
  • Knot a bead tool
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