How to Do an Easy Lime Green French Manicure for Spring

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Today, I am going to show you how to do a super cute nail design. I'll show you how easily you can accomplish this with just four colors and a little bit of patience.

For my design, I am using green, yellow, orange, and white nail polish, but you can pick any four colors you want.

We’re going to do a few different nail designs because I love mixing it up and having different types of nails on each hand.

Tools and materials:

  • Clear polish
  • Gel nail polish in four colors
  • UV light
  • Thin brushes
  • Alcohol pads
Applying base coat

1. Apply base coat

First, paint all of the nails with clear polish.

Applying green polish

2. Apply green polish

Next, apply the green polish to three nails.

One nail you want to cover completely with green, and on two other nails just paint green patches. 

Adding yellow polish

3. Add yellow polish

Now go in with the yellow polish and just brush it onto the other sides of the nails that you painted half in green.

When you get to the middle, you want to streak it really well, so it blends in with the green. You can then brush it off on a paper towel to ensure you're not putting green polish inside the yellow bottle.

Proceed to cure your nails under UV light.

Applying second layer

4. Apply a second layer

Now go in with a second layer, repeating exactly what you did before. This will build up the intensity of color.

When done, cure the second layer.

Painting a French manicure

5. Paint a French manicure

On the remaining two nails, take the yellow polish on a thin nail brush and draw a French manicure shape.

You don’t need to worry if the line is not perfect, as we’re going to put cute little flowers all over the top. 

Filling in top

6. Fill the top in

Begin filling the top part of the nail with the yellow polish in the center and then start incorporating some green at the sides.

Remember to wipe off the brush afterward so that it’s clean. Repeat all of this on the final nail. Proceed to cure both nails. 

Progress shot

7. Repeat

Repeat what you just did to create a second coat.

Wiping nails

8. Wipe the nails

When you're using gel polish, you want to wipe your nails with alcohol because the surface is a little sticky. When you want to do things on top, you don't want it to run.

Wiping the nails down will make the surface smooth and not sticky.

Adding petals

9. Paint on petals

Still working on the two nails with the French manicure, take your thin brush and dip it into the white nail polish.

You want to get the brush saturated but not too much because you don't want the flowers to be too prominent and white. I used the edge of the brush instead of using it flat.

To paint the flowers, I like to start from the outside of the petal and then work my way to the center.

Repeat this by painting flowers all over the top of the nail.

To fill in the little spaces where you're not going to get a full flower, just put in the petals. Make sure that you're filling all the empty areas.

When done, cure your nails.

Adding center of flowers

10. Paint the center of the flowers

Next, take your yellow polish and put some into the center of all the flowers.

It doesn’t have to be super neat, I want it to be slightly messy.

Then, cure your nails.


11. Dot the center

Now take the bright yellowy-orange color and paint a little dot in all the flower centers

Adding flowers to nail

12. Paint the solid color nail

Next, draw a couple of little flowers on the edge of the green nail.

Applying top coat

13. Apply top coat

The final layer is the top coat. I love mixing matte with shiny - it’s an easy way to make the manicure look a little more trendy.

I’m going to make the ombre nails matte, and then the rest of the nails are going to be shiny.

Lime green French manicure

Lime green French manicure

There we have it - a super simple, super cute spring manicure.

I think it’s adorable, and I love the vibrant, flowery design as well as the French manicure and ombre effect.

Even if you don't think you're an artsy person, I'm pretty sure you can pull this manicure off.

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Suggested materials:
  • Clear polish
  • Gel nail polish in four colors
  • UV light
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