Lip Makeup Tutorial: 3 Tips on How to Do Lip Liner to Make Lips Bigger

by Jdee
2 Materials
10 Minutes

In this lip makeup tutorial, you'll learn how to make your lips look bigger. Did you know that as you age your lips begin to lose volume and pigment?

If you think your lips don’t look as full as they used to, you are probably not imagining things. But don’t worry, with the right lip liner and makeup application you can make your lips look fuller and more youthful.

Tools and materials:

  • Lipstick
  • Lip liner
How to apply lip liner to mature lips

1. Full lips technique 1 - line your lips

If you have small wrinkle lines above your top lip. Using lip liner will keep your lipstick from running up into those lines during the day.

You may be able to see that natural outline of your lips clearly as it may be the first part of your lips to lose pigment. Apply lip liner to the outline of your lips using a feather stroke, not a harsh line. 

How to do lip liner to make lips bigger

When lining your top lip, start in the middle, at the bottom of the dip, and work out to both sides.

How to make big lips with makeup

Look at the difference with just one half of my upper lip lined!

Tip: choose a lip liner that is close to your own lip shade to keep your lips looking as natural as possible.

How to apply lipstick and liner

Add lipstick

You can use a single shade of lipstick or combine shades to get the exact color you want. Apply the lipstick over the upper lip line to keep a natural look.

How to make your lips look bigger with makeup

Full lips technique 2 - shadowing

Use the same method as in the full lips technique 1to start.

Shading the corners of the lips

Shade the corners of your lips

Use a lip pencil to add color to the corners of your top and bottom lip. This works best if your lip pencil is a little dull, so you don’t get sharp lines.

Mature lipstick tutorial

Now the lipstick

Add your main lip color to the whole area of your lips, even over the corner shading. This adds some shadow to the inner corners of your lips which creates more of a lip pout effect.

Tip: Don’t use a matte lipstick as your first lip color coat because it will make your lips look too dry. But it’s fine to use a matte as an additional lip color to get the right shade and gloss level that you want.

Applying lip liner after lipstick

Full lips technique 3 – reverse order

In this technique, you apply your lip color first and then add your lip liner. 

Pressing lips together to blend the liner

Press your lips together to blend the liner with the lipstick.

Lip makeup tutorial

Lip makeup tutorial

As you can see, the trick to fuller lips is the lip liner. Whether you apply the liner before or after your lipstick, you will still achieve a full-lip look, and with the shadow technique, you can also get a pouty lip.

Don’t be afraid to mix your lipsticks to get the exact color you want!

Leave a comment to let me know which full lips technique worked best for you.

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