Five Fantastic Ideas for How to Style Leather Leggings

Patty's Kloset
by Patty's Kloset

Leather leggings are one of the easiest leather pieces to style in a variety of ways. They have the versatility and comfort of plain black leggings, but the material definitely elevates them to something chicer and adds an interesting element to your outfit. So, I’m going to show you five different ways that I have styled my leather leggings, and I hope my outfits give you some fashion inspiration for your spring wardrobe.

Leather leggings style

Look 1

For my first look, I styled my leggings with a cream sweater. The cut of this sweater is very flattering, and I love the deep v-neck. It has a kind of cozy and sweet vibe that helps give balance to the outfit. I added a pair of open-toed mules and a marble print box purse with a beaded handle to finish the look off with a statement. 

Asymmetric top

Look 2

Next, I decided to go for a statement top to pair with my leggings. I love the asymmetric style of this top and how the belt creates a nice waistline. If you love animal print as much as I do, this is definitely an item you need. 

Nude-colored boots

For footwear, I went with a pair of nude-colored ankle boots which add a nice, casual, simple touch to this legging look. 

Styling leather leggings

To complete the look, I chose a nude-colored tote bag to go with my boots. 

Style leggings with a button-down shirt

Look 3

Here, I started off with a white button-down shirt and flipped the cuffs up to style it up a bit.

Layer with a vest

I chose to wear a cropped yellow vest over the shirt for a nice layering effect and to add a little color to the outfit. For shoes, I went with transparent open-toed sandals, which are a spring staple in my wardrobe.

Easy leather leggings style

To complete the look, I chose a tiny pearl bucket bag--another statement piece to add some detail to the outfit.

Leather leggings

Look 4

I started this next outfit by pairing my leggings with a plain black tank top. 

Layer with a blazer

I layered this beautiful plaid blazer over the tank top to add a nice pop of print to this look. I rolled the cuffs of the blazer up to add a little contrast around the sleeves and style it up a bit.

Flat black footwear

For footwear, I went with these black flats to show how you can even style leather leggings to be business casual. 

Business casual with leather leggings

A nude-colored bag with a gold chain completed the look. 

Asymmetric neckline top

Look 5

I paired my leggings with a pink top with an asymmetrical neckline for this next outfit. This top is simple yet vibrant and gives a nice pop of spring color to the look.


White platform sneakers

I chose chunky platform sneakers for my footwear to keep it casual. 

Leather jacket with leather leggings

I added a black leather moto jacket, which might seem like a little too much leather at first, but with the pink t-shirt and sneakers, I felt like it was the right balance of an all-leather look while still keeping it casual.


Casual leather leggings style

A plain and simple black purse completed this look. Super simple, super comfortable, and still super chic. 

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for how to style leather leggings and got some inspiration for your spring wardrobe. Let me know which of these looks you like best. 

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