Styling Tips: How to Shop Your Closet for 2023

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2023 is the year when fashion has entered a new phase and we’re seeing a large shift in the silhouettes in the world and in the way things are styled.

I’m going to show you how to shop your closet for those classic, timeless pieces and give my fashion hacks for styling them in a more current way. Let's get started!

Faux leather leggings

1. Faux leather leggings

The faux leather leg is fantastic and works in so many situations.

Runways from fall-winter 2022 have the tight legging silhouette in interesting textures styled alongside those slouchy, languid tailored silhouettes that we’re seeing more of now.

The way I would style it now is to really play out the proportions and juxtapose that fitted silhouette with a balanced proportion on top and bottom.

Make sure you’re balancing out the bottom proportion with a hefty boot. 

Faux leather leggings

You can even update the look with a sexy, edge shoe like a sandal with a sparkly sock or something wild and editorial.

We saw a lot of sheers and transparent, wild party accessories coming out of 2022.

Faux leather leggings

If you don’t have chunky boots or live in a climate that wouldn’t allow you to wear sexy shoes, you could get away with knee-high boots. 

Faux leather leggings

Make sure to keep those layers in effect, so grab a hoodie or a blazer. 

The bootie

2. The bootie

Short ankle boots were popular for a long time, and we’ve seen the shafts of boots rising to mid-calf, but there’s no reason to get rid of your boots. 

The bootie

Avoid wearing a short ankle bootie with denim that also shows a bit of ankle.

It’s still cute but to make them feel more fresh and current, style them with wider or oversized trousers and denim silhouettes.

Keep the sock and stockings the same color as the bootie so, if you do cross your legs, there’s an elongating effect.

The bootie

Finally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing your booties with a tight or stocking in a similar color.

If you have an interesting sense of style, wear it with a fun, contrasting type. Bright colorful tights with embellishments are more popular and will freshen up your look.

Skinny jeans

3. Skinny jeans

I can’t talk about things being outdated without talking about skinny jeans.

I would treat these in the same way as the faux leather leggings because this is really about the silhouette.

I wouldn’t style them rolled up and I wouldn’t wear something tight on top. Instead, take advantage of these oversized silhouettes and mix them with skinny jeans. 

Skinny jeans

It would look fantastic with a slightly oversized blazer.

Blazers already have such a strong silhouette and if you belt it, it’s going to accentuate the bigness of the blazer everywhere else.

Add a knee-high or tall boot if you can. If you have shorter boots, keep them the same color as the denim so things feel a bit more elongated. 

Skinny jeans

Another thing I would do is wear it with an oversized or long, tailored coat and you can wear this with whatever shows work for you.

Skinny jeans

4. Tailored denim jacket

Right now, we’re seeing oversized denim jackets.

Don’t style your tailored denim with a pair of skinnies or leggings and something long underneath, like a tunic top with a sneaker or a bootie.

Instead, eliminate it from being the focal point and turn it into a layering piece. Try a turtleneck with the denim jacket on top.

Button it up a little, so you can leave your wool coat open and really appreciate it as a layering piece. It’s bringing texture and color to the look instead of the silhouette.

Another way to wear it is under an oversized blazer. You can choose to button it up or not.

Wear it with whatever silhouette pants work for you, but I think it would look exceptional with a trouser because you’re getting an interesting mix of styles and textures.

White sneakers

5. White sneakers

The classic tennis sneaker was very popular and worn with floral wrap dresses with skinnies or leggings but these days they’ve tended towards a more athletic and functional vibe.

Fortunately, there’s a very simple fix. The key to making them feel fresh is wearing them with slouchy, tailored separates. This could be as simple as wearing them with wide-leg trousers.

It’s really about that contrast here, pairing athletic comfort with more luxe fabric. Having the tailored effect and the relaxed volume around the shoe is huge.

Shop your closet

Now you know how to shop your own closet! With a sustainable closet, you can learn how to look polished by wearing and restyling the clothes you already have.

Let me know which restyle is your favorite down below!

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