This Is Why You Should Consider Shopping at Aeropostale (+Style Tips)!

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Hear me out friends... Aeropostale is not the middle school preppy store that you remember growing up anymore. Sure it had a major moment in middle/high school, but they actually have some stylish and affordable pieces! Think $25 jeans, $15 tops, $20 dresses and more.

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Here are a few reasons I highly recommend shopping at Aeropostale and styling their pieces again:

1. You can get great pieces for low prices. Like I mentioned previously, Aeropostale typically has great sales. When I went in the other day, jeans were on sale for just $25, some tops were buy 1 get 2 free, and this sweater jacket was only $15! This jacket is so cozy and warm and looks great with almost anything.

STYLE TIP: For a sporty/athleisure look, pair this fuzzy jacket with a longline bra, leggings and sneakers. Leave the jacket zipped a quarter or half-way up.


2. They have cute and stylish pieces. This jacket is the perfect example. It is both functional and easy to style. The fuzzy fabric is super warm, and the double-ended zipper allows you to wear it fully zipped or partially unzipped (like in the previous photo).

STYLE TIP: For a casual everyday look add this jacket over a cami or longline bra and pair with your favorite leggings or comfy pants. Keep the jacket zipped all the way up to keep you warm and cozy.


3. The quality is pretty comparable to other similar retailers. The quality of items from Aeropostale is actually quite similar to other retailers like American Eagle, Hollister and Abercrombie but at lower prices. You can get items like these jeans and this crochet cardigan and save the extra money you would have spent at other retailers.

STYLE TIP: Find trendy styles like these to add to your closet. This crochet cardigan goes great with these high waist mom jeans. I would wear it over a longer length top instead of the crop top though.


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