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by Berta Lily
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Most people aren't leaving their house much these days... I don't know about you but I find it hard to wear jeans when I'm home all day but at the same time, chilling in PJs all days isn't great for mental health. Why not meet in the middle? Wear some comfy clothes but style them up so you still look cute!?


First up, this waffle long sleeve shirt I got from Old Navy and some wide leg sweat pants. This shirt has a leopard print pattern but it's faint which I find absolutely adorable! I am a little obsessed, the shirt is soft enough to sleep in and cute enough to wear out!


Next is a tank top with a built in bra (if you aren't wearing pants you're not wearing a bra either am I right?!) with leopard print sweat pants on top and a thin cardigan. Sometimes I think cardigans can make you look large, especially when you are a shorty like me, so tie the two ends for a waist!


Maybe this is more of a Friday look actually? Who new leggings and a long sleeve shirt could look so stylish? Do you think I like leopard print yet? Tie a not in any shirt for more dimension!


Wrap around scarves are my JAM! I think I got this one in the Target dollar spot last year. These sweat pants are also from Target and SO SOFT. I love the cute consolations.


Ok I said sometimes cardigans can make you look boxy but this one is soooo cozy! I love snuggling up in it to watch a movie. The muted colors together are everything! Tie die pattern in gray and white is so lovely, don't you think?


Tie Dye EVERYTHING! ok I guess besides leopard, I also love tie dye! Isn't it great they are back in style? I feel like you can just wear tie dye every day of the week if I am being honest.


Finally, vests... that's it, just vests. The easiest way to make sweats look cute icon

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