Statement Sweatshirts

by Alliwears

Normally I'm not a huge fan of t-shirts with sayings or phrases on them. I leave that for baby onesies. But something about some big bold letters (or numbers!) on a sweatshirt every once in a while I can really get behind. Here are three examples that I made exceptions to my rule for. What do you think?

If you're looking to start slow try a sweatshirt branded with your birth year in big block numbers. While definitely a bold statement with the print, it seems to work if you keep everything else minimal. The sweatshirt itself is in a tame neutral color and has a standard crew neck and sleeves. Pair this with some vintage style jogger sweatpants and you've got yourself one chic lounge look.

Some people may claim that if you're a cool mom, then you wouldn't need a sweatshirt to announce it. But I respectfully disagree. Again, with all the classic features of a sweatshirt, the only thing that is bold here are the letters themselves. While you're being edgy put on a high-slit midi to really bring home that you are one cool mom.

One more graphic sweatshirt that stole my heart was this fun sweatshirt for those cool nights over the summer. The colors here were just too good to pass. Tuck these all in! Whether its into your joggers, a skirt, or denim its one time you can let your sweatshirt do the talking.

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