Five Ways to Wear Sweatpants

Natassia Coelho
by Natassia Coelho

If you’re like me, during quarantine times, you’ve probably been living in sweatpants, and sometimes you may wonder, “well, they’re so ridiculously comfy, but how can I wear them out and not feel as though I just rolled out of bed?” Let’s go over some ways to style your sweatpants that make them look chic and put together. I’m going to be styling some oversized sweatpants in a cream color that I bought from Asos, but you could replace these with some more slim fit joggers or sweatpants if you’re not a fan of the oversized look.

The key to looking put together when you’re wearing sweatpants/joggers (whatever you like to call them) is looking like you dressed with intention. Looking like you put thought into your outfit and purposely chose the items you are wearing to look like you dressed with purpose.

Easy sweatpants outfits

Outfit 1

This is the monochrome look. Wearing the same colored sweatshirt as your sweatpants shows that you’ve thought about your outfit and haven’t just thrown on something random. The colors blend really well together, and I’ve paired the outfit with some slim white sneakers. I’ve added earrings, a necklace, and rings to make it look a bit more chic.

Basic sweatpants outfits

Outfit 2

I’m not always a fan of the sweatpants with high-heels look, if I’ll be frank, but I love them with a chunky heel, and as you can see, I paired this with a more form-fitting top. It has a cut-out in the back, making it look a little bit more chic and exciting than just pairing it with a simple tank top. I love this look, you could also wear it with a more demure or feminine heel, but I prefer the chunky platforms (plus they’re ridiculously comfortable!)

Stylish sweatpants outfits

Fun sweatpants outfits

 Outfit 3

Oh look, it’s an outfit with a turtleneck. I think this is really cute, especially when it starts getting a little colder, and I paired it with a nice Oxford platform, so the shoe choice makes it look a bit dressier. You could even throw a black trench coat on top - I think that this a great casual winter look.

DIY sweatpants outfits

Outfit 4

Yes, I am pairing a button-up top with sweatpants. This look is business on top and lounging-around-while-watching-Netflix-and-eating-a-tub-of-ice-cream on the bottom. Can anybody relate to that? Here we have a silk button-up top, and then to add to the look to make it look a bit more chic, I paired it with some white loafers. I left the bottom part of the shirt unbuttoned to give it a more relaxed vibe and feel, but it still gives the sweatpants an elevated look.

Basic joggers outfits

Outfit 5

This last outfit is a little bit more sporty and streetwear-inspired. I paired a long sleeve crop top with a pair of combat boots, and I love pairing the combat boots with sweatpants; it gives them a little bit more of an edge. This look would also look good with a denim jacket or a jean jacket paired over it.

I hope that you got some cool outfit ideas from this tutorial. So maybe you really can just live in your sweatpants all day, every day! There are so many different ways to style them.

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