10 Easy Makeup Do's and Dont's

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by Smitha Deepak
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Here are 10 common makeup mistakes we all make, and I’m going to show you how to fix them with this list of makeup do’s and don’ts.

On my left side, I’ll be showing my makeup tutorial gone wrong, and on my right, I’m going to show you how to fix it.

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Not wearing primer

1. Not wearing primer

Even if you have oily skin, you can have cracks and dryness so you should prep your skin after using a moisturizer and sunscreen.

Primers smooth out your skin and fill in pores and fine lines so that when you apply makeup over it, it won’t cake up.

Most primers are also tacky, so when you apply a foundation or concealer over it, it’s going to stick and last longer.

Applying foundation outward

2. Apply foundation outward

This next mistake is applying too much foundation in the circumference of the face.

Applying foundation like this will get it in your hairline and it’s so hard to get off. 

Applying foundation outward

Apply foundation to the center of the face and then spread it outward, so when it reaches your hairline, there’s a minimal amount of product and you have more control.

Applying too much concealer

3. Using too much concealer

Applying too much concealer in a targeted area can make it look cakey and blending becomes a nightmare.

Our dark circles are deepest in the corners and there’s where you need the concealer.

Applying too much concealer

Dot a few drops in those areas and blend them out. If that doesn’t cover your dark circles, you can use a second layer over it.

Adding a second layer makes blending it much easier because you have more control.

Using a lighter shade of concealer

4. Using a lighter shade of concealer

Spots, hyperpigmentation, and patches on your skin usually have a blue undertone so applying a lighter shade of conditioner will give you an ashy and patchy finish.

Lighter shades are used to highlight, so if you apply them to your dark spots, those spots will be highlighted.

Using a lighter shade of concealer

Instead, use a concealer that’s a true match to your skin tone.

It will blend into your skin tone and foundation while concealing and correcting uneven skin. 

Using volumizing mascara on thick lashes

5. Using volumizing mascara on thick lashes

If you already have thick lashes and you use a volumizing or thickening mascara, it’s going to clump up and give you spider-like lashes. 

Using volumizing mascara on thick lashes

Instead, use a lengthening mascara. It may not add much volume but it will add length.

This tip works the other way around as well. If you have thinner, longer lashes use volumizing mascara.

Using a shimmering bronzer as a contour

6. Using a shimmering bronzer as a contour

Contours are meant to mimic shadows that have a gray tone.

If you’re going to use bronzers with orange tones or have shimmers, it won’t look natural. 

Using a shimmering bronzer as a contour

Instead, use cooler contour shades that are closer to the colors of shadows.

Use bronzer to warm up your face in the circumference and right above the contour on your cheekbones.

A bronzer is meant to mimic a sun-kissed tan and you should only use a bronzer as a contour if it’s matte and a cool shade.

Using a shimmering bronzer as a contour

As you can see, my right side looks more natural and chiseled compared to my left side.

Playing up both the eyes and the lips

7. Playing up both the eyes and the lips

Either let your eyes dazzle or glam up your lips.

If you’re going to go bold on your eyes, try to keep your lips muted. If your lips are going to steal the thunder, keep your eye makeup neutral.

The magic in makeup comes through when you have one focal point that stands out and everything else around it balances it out.

Applying makeup in the wrong lighting

8. Applying makeup in the wrong lighting

When you need to decide what works for you and what doesn’t, you need to test it out on your skin in natural lighting.

When you use unnatural lighting, especially when swatching makeup, it won’t look as flattering. Pick what suits you best in the best lighting possible.

Overlining the lips

9. Overlining the lips

Fillers and injections have made it a trend to overline lips. 

Overlining the lips

Instead of overlining all around the lips, try overlining just your cupid’s bow and the bottom-most portion of your lower lip, then join it to your natural lip line.

Smudge and shade the lip liner before you apply lipstick so they blend for a more natural, plumped finish.

Going to bed without removing your makeup

10. Going to bed without removing your makeup

Failing to remove your makeup at the end of the day will make your skin dry and prone to acne and infections. 

Going to bed without removing your makeup

Even if you’re tired at the end of the day, you don’t have to follow a detailed skincare routine. Just keep the makeup off!

Makeup do’s and don’ts

Those are the 10 do’s and don’ts of makeup that I’ve observed. Which are you guilty of? Let me know in the comments!

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