Subtle Bronze Eye Makeup Tutorial

Shonagh Scott
by Shonagh Scott
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Today’s basic makeup tutorial is incredibly simple. It’s a subtle bronze finish using one product, accentuated with some beautiful butterfly lashes, and dewy skin. If you love a fresh-faced, natural makeup look, this tutorial is definitely for you.

Tools and materials:

Basic makeup tutorial

Apply mattifier

I have rather oily skin, so I started by applying this oil and pore control mattifier on my T-section. 

Easy makeup tutorial

Apply concealer/foundation

Next, I used a combination of concealer and foundation to even out my skin tone. I applied it to my whole face using a blending sponge. 

Simple makeup tutorial

Apply cream foundation

I used a cream foundation in a warm tone, slightly darker than my natural skin tone, and applied it along my cheekbones and forehead. Then I used the other side of the sponge that still had some of the concealer on it to bounce over the same areas and help blend in the color. 

DIY makeup tutorial

Apply light concealer and blend

I used a lighter-toned concealer in the inner corners and outer edges of my eyes and blended it with my sponge. This helps lift and brighten the inner corner of the eye and gives a lifted look to the cheekbone area. 

Bronze eyes makeup tutorial

Apply blush

I used a red coral cream blush and applied it to my cheekbones with the sponge, pulling the color from front to back. The color is very vivid when first applied, but by the time I have the rest of the makeup on, it will fade. I also bounced over it with the opposite side of the sponge to soften it. 

Glassy cheekbones makeup tutorial

Apply setting powder

Next, I dipped my sponge into a small amount of setting powder and applied it beneath my eyes and across my eyelids. 

Apply bronzer on eyelids

Using a small, rounded brush, I applied bronzer all across my eyelid, up to the natural crease. Then, using a small detailing brush, I applied it along my lower lids, as well, to frame the eye. 

Apply liquid eyeliner

Starting on the outer half of the eyelid, I applied liquid eyeliner, making the line thicker as I moved outwards.


Then, using a brush, I buffed the liner out while it was still wet. Each time you do this, you must be sure to dust your bristles off onto a tissue, which will prevent the bristles from becoming too wet and making a mess. 

Repeat for inner eye

Then I applied a thin line of eyeliner to the inner half of my eye and used a cotton bud to buff it out. 


I dipped a small brush back into the bronzer and used it to correct any uneven parts of my eyeliner. Then I went back in with the eyeliner and applied it to the outer corners of my eyes, and used a pointed brush to pull the color out, and then buffed over it to match the soft look of the rest of the eyeliner. 

Line the waterline

Using what’s left on the eyeliner brush, I blinked onto the brush to apply the color to my upper waterline. This is the ultimate way to make the top lash line look fuller. 

Apply mascara

Then I gave my lashes a little curl and applied mascara to the top and bottom lashes. 

Apply false lashes

This is totally optional, but I wanted to try these butterfly lashes, so I applied these, as well, using tweezers to help me place them properly. 

More blush

I used the tiniest amount of blush cream and applied it with a wide, fluffy brush along my cheekbones.

Apply highlighter

I dabbed a small amount of highlighter along my upper cheekbones and up around my eyes, and a bit above the outer edges of my eyebrows. I used the pad of one finger to apply it, and then the pad of a clean finger to bounce it in and blend it. 

Apply lipstick

Finally, I used a beautiful peachy coral lipstick to finish the look. 

I hope you found this bronze eyes makeup tutorial helpful. What do you think of this natural makeup look? 

Suggested materials:
  • Mattifier cream
  • Foundation/concealer combo
  • Blending sponge
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  • Mspeer1965 Mspeer1965 on Jul 27, 2021

    I love how your eye makeup turned out. I wish you had shown what the eyes would look like without the false lashes. Do you have any tutorials where there aren't so many steps? While the look was nice I felt I could only devote this much time for special occasions. Great job!

  • Shonagh Scott Shonagh Scott on Jul 28, 2021

    Hi! Yes, there are many tutorials over on my channel that have a much simpler approach without lashes, and many without liner too. I tried to add links on here but it doesn’t allow me to, sorry. If you search my name, Shonagh Scott, on YouTube followed by ‘natural’ you’ll two that pop up straightaway. But there’s many more on there. I hope that helps!