How To Know If A Blazer Is Stylish

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior

Blazers are super popular... especially thanks to the rise of thrift-lovers and second-hand shopping.

And I'm not complaining. But I have seen some questionable choices.

The last thing we want is to look like we raided our grandpa's closet.

But there's an easy way to know if your blazer is going to get a thumbs up or thumbs down from the peanut gallery...

Is it oversized?

I love the way women are styling over sized blazers with nicely-fitting tops or jumpers.

A sleek look, like black trousers with heels and a form-fitting top, beautifully off-set a second-hand oversized blazer.

Juxtapositions in fashion are incredibly fun, so take advantage!

Is it cropped?

This is by far the most en vogue way to wear a blazer...

And I'm obsessed! What has traditionally been a men's clothing article is getting a feminine twist with an easy crop at the waist.

If your blazer is cropped, it's definitely in style.

Is it bright?

I don't mean "colorful" or "patterned" here. I think you're better off going with a bright but solid color.

It could be a color that's totally out there too, like neons! And it will still be trendy and eye-catching.

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