How to Style a Denim Jacket

Nomad Moda
by Nomad Moda

Denim jackets are an essential piece to have in your wardrobe, you can throw them onto any outfit, and you'll look great. There are lots of different types of denim jackets out there. Take a look at some of my favorites and how I style them!

Denim jacket style

Look 1

The jacket was an amazing find. The original price was about $120, but I got it at a Goodwill store, still with the tags on for $30!! Never underestimate the treasures you can find at a thrift store. I like this jacket a lot. It’s got frill details on the back of the arms and across the back of the jacket, which is just gorgeous. For this look, I am wearing a plain black dress with the denim jacket. The dress is really simple and comfortable and one of my go-to pieces. I’m wearing it with white sneakers, and I also have this little brown bag to accessorize. The black, blue, white, and brown in this look all work well together. 

Easy denim jacket style

Style a denim jacket

Denim jacket styling

Look 2

Here I'm wearing a different jean jacket. It has distressed detailing on the back, and you can see here on the front that I've added pins onto the collar and buttons. Adding pins to a jacket is a great way to personalize it and make it feel like your own. One of the pins my friend got me and three of them I bought in Paris when I was on holiday there. I'm wearing the jacket with heeled white boots, black jeans, and a black bag. The black clothing allows the white boots to stand out and make a statement.

Styling a denim jacket

Look 3

This is a look that I like to wear, a Canadian suit if you will - a jean jacket with jean pants. I paired this with some tan ankle boots and a simple v-neck black shirt. This look is super cute. You could wear a lighter or darker shade of denim, whatever you prefer, and you can also mix and match different pieces of denim on the top and the bottom.

Denim jacket outfits

Fashionable denim jacket

Look 4

This jacket here is one of a kind. I love it. The body is denim, but it has leather sleeves, and the collar is also leather. I love the gold buttons - they really pop, and the jacket is flared at the wrist area, which is another nice detail. Not only is the mix of material unique, but at the back of the jacket in the middle, there is this long piece that hangs down; I really love this detail. This look is how I wear this jacket a lot for a night out - black jeans, a black shirt, and maybe a black sweater, depending on how cold it is. The black booties finish off the look.

How to wear a denim jacket

Look 5 

This last look is something that you could go out on the town in. I'm wearing the same jacket and a nude slip under this mesh dress, so there are two layers here. I have on these cute lace-up platforms and a Marc Jacobs bag. I feel great wearing this outfit!

I hope you got some ideas for which type of denim jacket to buy as well as how you can style it. There are so many types of denim jackets out there - don’t get caught in the trap of thinking that they’re all the same. Whether you want to wear a casual or a dressed-up look, a leather jacket can be the perfect addition to your outfit.

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