Make Sure Your Coat Belt Never Slips Again

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Isn’t it just the most annoying thing when your coat belt slips out of your coat? Or when it becomes all lopsided with far more belt on one side than the other.

Here, I’m going to show you how you can stop that from happening with a very clever yet very simple coat belt hack.

Grab your long coat, and let me show you what to do!

Tools and materials:

  • Coat with belt
Bringing belt under center

1. Bring belt under center

Start by bringing one side of the belt under the center like so.

Tying knot

2. Tie knot

Now, bring the side of the belt back down to form a knot, and then tighten it.

Tying knot

3. Repeat 

Repeat this on the other side.

Coat belt hack

Make sure your coat belt never slips again

Here is the finished look. Now, not only will your coat belt not slip off, but it also looks really stylish as well.

The knots are sturdy and secure, and the symmetry on either side looks very nice.

Next time you put on a long coat, give this a go for yourself!

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Suggested materials:
  • Coat with belt

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  • Penelope Penelope on Mar 18, 2024

    You are so smart 😀. Duh I never would have thought of that. Thank you again. Night