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Tracy Gold
by Tracy Gold

I am really passionate about having less and wearing more! The world is definitely going that way and minimalist ideas are so in right now! You don’t have to get rid of all your belongings but downsizing definitely is the way to go. More is not more anymore! If you want to learn a couple of great ‘less is more’ styling tips, my tutorial is exactly what you need! Follow my style guide and learn that fewer clothes can give you more to wear.

Wear with jeans
Style a red jacket

The first piece that can be styled in so many fabulous ways is my amazing red leather jacket The first look featuring this piece is a pair of jeans and a chiffon top. The jacket totally adds a lot of fun to this look but it’s also removable which makes this jacket and outfit great for all weather! 

Keep a small wardrobe

The next outfit that is totally pulled together by my jacket is this gorgeous floral dress. This dress is amazing on its own but adding the red jacket definitely creates a more edgy look. 

Wear with white

When it comes to spring, my jacket is perfect for the chilly mornings and evenings. I love pairing this jacket with a pair of white pants! This red jacket is a winner no matter the season. 

Wear a dress
Style a dress

The next piece that is my absolute favorite when it comes to less is more, is this dress. In the colder seasons, I absolutely love layering and this dress is great to layer over. Layering this piece with tights and a coat is the total winter package. 

Add a jacket

To create a bit more of a casual look, I pop on my red leather jacket. 

Wear with heels

This look is perfect for the spring and summertime. Pairing this dress with a cute pair of black heels definitely creates a more classy look. 

Pair with jeans
Style a top

The third piece that totally helps build my less is more wardrobe is my gorgeous chiffon top. I love to wear this piece with a pair of jeans and of course, when it’s chilly, my red leather jacket. This is an outfit that works for both day and nightwear! 

Have a small wardrobe

It’s so easy to dress up this stunning shirt by pairing it with a black skirt and black boots. I love this look and it totally works for the office as well!

Less is more

I also love wearing this top with a clean, fresh pair of white jeans or pants.

 I love that I get so much wearability from these 3 pieces! Which look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!  

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