Learning to Layer in Winter

Shirley Yu
by Shirley Yu

Hello, lovelies! It’s cold outside which calls for outfits that are warm, cozy, and chic. In this tutorial, I will show you layered winter outfit ideas that are both casual and elegant.

Cute winter layered outfits

Layer over jeans and a top

In this first look, I started off with a simple base outfit of blue jeans, a striped top, and a pair of black booties. I tucked in the shirt to keep the look chic and add warmth. I love wearing boots with heels because it helps to make my legs look longer. 

Add a denim jacket

I went ahead and layered using this denim jacket. For colder days, I added this fluffy infinity scarf to keep my neck warm. 

Winter outfits layering

If it’s too cold for a denim jacket, you can always opt to wear a warmer jacket. I love this white one because it is very classy and looks well put together. 

Wear a pinafore skirt

Layer over a top and pinafore skirt

The next base outfit is the same top but instead of jeans, I added a long pinafore skirt. 

Winter layered outfits ideas

For this outfit, I layered with a long, wine red coat. This coat is very warm and perfect for outdoor winter days. 

Cute layered winter outfits

I then styled the pinafore skirt with a cute black sweater. I would definitely add the red coat to this look as well. 

Wear all black

Layer over a sweater and skirt 

This base outfit features the same black sweater, a pair of leggings with a slightly blue tinge, and a faux leather skirt. The skirt is a little too big so I always secure it with a belt. For this look, I decided to add a pair of over the knee boots. 

Add a white jacket

The white jacket is a great way to layer over this look! The base outfit is quite dark so I love the contrast of the white against it. I tend to leave the jacket open for a more trendy look but you can always close it up if it’s just too cold. 

Cute layered outfits for winter

Layer over a black jacket and tank top

In this outfit, I pair the leather skirt with a white tank top and a black, studded jacket. I lost the tights and went for a bare leg, over the knee boot look. 

Wear a scarf

Wearing a scarf is a great way to layer over a bold outfit like this one. 

Casual layered winter outfits

If it gets very cold, the red coat is the perfect way to layer and keep warm!

Tuck in

Layer over a skirt and turtleneck

Next, I put on a black turtleneck and layered over it with this cape-like sweater. Tucking in the sweater helps accentuate the waistline. 

Layer with a coat

The red wine coat works perfectly over this look. 

Layer with a T-shirt

 Next, I layered a white T-shirt over the base outfit. 

Add a fluffy jacket

 Layering with this fluffy jacket helps bring out the winter spirit. 

Wear a knit

Layer over a knit sweater and midi skirt

This next outfit is a little more elegant. I paired a navy knit sweater with a black midi skirt. 

Layer with a long coat

The red coat is the perfect way to layer over this look! It definitely adds to the classy feel!

Wear a one-shoulder sweater

Layer over a one-shoulder sweater and black pants

This sweater is difficult to style because It’s too cold to wear in the winter but it’s also not a summer piece. 

Cute winter outfits with layers

I decided that layering is the best way to solve the issue. I added my white jacket and scarf to the look to make it perfect for winter. Let me know in the comments which look is your favorite!

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