Do It Yourself: Cargo Joggers in Under 10 Steps

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I saw these pants online and knew I had to have them. But, instead of buying them for more than they’re worth, I decided to just make my own. I am loving these DIY cargo joggers. The color and fit is perfect and I love knowing they’re completely one of a kind.

Tools and materials:

  • Two yards of fabric
  • Joggers
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Elastic
  • Sewing machine
DIY cargo joggers

Measure out fabric 

Fold the joggers in half and place them on folded fabric. Then pin around the joggers to mark your measuring. Remember to leave two inches on top for the elastic and one inch around for the seam. 

Cut the fabric

Cut out the shape 

Following the pins, you’ve placed, cut out the shape of your joggers from the fabric. Then, before cutting the bottom, measure out an extra 5 inches so the pants will fit like joggers (loosely). 

Make cargo joggers

Tie-dye cargo joggers

Cut out the crotch 

Take the two pieces of fabric you’ve just cut and place them on top of some more - uncut and folded - fabric. Then measure two inches from the crotch and cut out the back pieces including those extra two inches. 

Sew cargo joggers

Connect front and back pieces

Starting with one front piece and one back piece begin making your first leg. Place the top over the bottom and pin the pieces together to secure. Next, sew. Repeat with the second leg.

Make cargo jogger pockets

Make the pockets 

Take an unused piece of fabric and cut out four 5 by 8 squares for the pockets. Next, cut out four 3 by 6 squares for the pocket flaps. Then pair the matching pieces together and stack them right sides together. (You should be left with 4 pairs). Pin the pieces together to secure and sew. Finally, turn the pockets and flaps right side out to hide the seams. 

Attach the pockets

Attach the pockets 

Using a tape measure, measure 12 inches down from the waist (edge) and place a pocket on the 12-inch mark. Then pin the pocket and sew the edge to attach to the joggers. 

Marble cargo joggers

Attach the pocket flap 

Place and pin the pocket flap right above the pocket. Once in place, make sure it’s secure and sew it down.  

Secure the pocket flap

With the flap, make sure you are only sewing down the top edge so that you don't limit movement. Move the flap down and add a topstitch and then repeat on the other leg. 

Sew the joggers together

Sew legs together 

Place the two legs right side together and pin the sides. Then go in and sew together all the curved edges. (The top half of the pants should be attached and the bottom should be separate). 

Pin and secure

Next, turn the pants inside out and pin the crotch closed. Continue to place pins down the leg until all the edges are closed and secured. Finally, use a sewing machine to close the legs.

Finish with elastic

Put in elastic 

Take a tape measure and measure out the length of the pants waist minus 2 inches. Cut. Fold the cut elastic in half and pin to mark the center. Then fold the left half towards the center and mark that middle and repeat on the right side. In the end, you should be left with 3 pinned areas - none of which are on the edge. Stretch the elastic across the waist and sew onto the pants using a zig-zag stitch. Use the pinned places as markers for where your elastic should meet the seam. Finally, fold the top over and use a top stitch to secure the edge. 

Women’s cargo joggers

Tie-dye cargo joggers? Yes, please!! These pants look and feel amazing. I had so much fun making them and love that they’re all my own. What are your guy’s thoughts? Did you use a similar pattern and fabric?

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Joggers
  • Measuring tape
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