Paper Theory Patterns: The Infamous Zadie Jumpsuit

Sew Like Romy
by Sew Like Romy

I finally jumped on board the Zadie bandwagon. I have had this pattern for so, so long. I’ve also seen many people make it and look gorgeous and yet I still didn’t budge. I was just pretty content to keep sitting here while I saw one pretty one after another. Why was I so scared? Honestly, it was from reading reviews until there were none left to read. Everyone had made some form of change. Whether it was the infamous 1” taken off the rise or shortening the bodice or let’s not forget not following the instructions for the binding. These were just the basic changes and truth be told I’m still a newbie with changes that involve any form of pants.

So I’m pretty much admitting to you all that I was a Zadie jumpsuit chicken. Mentally, I was not ready to figure out the fit for my derriere. But I can say, with full confidence now, that I was so mistaken for waiting this long. So, so mistaken. I cut out a straight size 18. I was going to change the rise but held up my traced pattern to my body and was not seeing the room that a lot of others had experienced. I took the chance and left it as is.

Let’s talk about the changes I did make. I made one change only. I added more coverage at the neckline. I’m not one to wear things underneath to add more coverage so I made the change on the pattern. I used my curved rule and brought the neckline out while blending it into the top and bottom edge. So the seams to attach weren’t affected and I added the coverage I wanted. More on how this change turned out later. 

Now, let’s talk about the gorgeous fabric I used for my first Zadie. This fabric was gifted from Minerva. I love Art Gallery fabrics and I have used them in the past but there was always one in particular that I had been meaning to get but always missed out. Imagine my surprise when it was up for grabs! I pounced. And by pounced, I mean I emailed so fast that I don’t think I spelled all the words correctly in my email. I secured this gorgeous black, white and yellow floral fabric in cotton poplin. It had a nice feel but also retained shape. You know when you touch a fabric and you know it will just be crisp and play nicely with the sewing machine. This was one of those instances. I initially had thought of making a dress but I could not get the idea out of my head of it being a Zadie and this fabric gave me the ultimate push to just go for it!

The combination of the two is an absolute winner in my book. The shape of Zadie with the crisp yet lightweight feel of the fabric made this pairing perfection. The binding caused me no issues but I could see how this could have been a struggle in a more lightweight, less structured fabric. The ties came together nicely and the overall sewing of the garment was pretty simple. I was shocked by how fast it came together, especially as something I had purposely avoided for so long. I’ve worn my Zadie a few times now and each time I’m just in awe of how well it fits me. The only thing I will change on my next one is just to put a little more coverage in at the neckline. Having young kids means I get pulled on there a lot more than I care to admit. So adding a little bit more, maybe 0.5 inch will just make it perfect for me! 

If you’re planning on making the Zadie jumpsuit I suggest reading up on reviews from people in the community that resemble your body type. I found a handful but they were either taller than me or smaller in the bust and waist. If you have the same issue, do a toile, you will not regret it! I hope this review was helpful and that you don’t do what I did and wait an entire year to try this pattern. It’s really worth it! Promise. 

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Sew Like Romy
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