Potato Face Mask Recipe

by Shikha

I always rub potatoes on my face and it gives an instant glow to my face. This mask will rejuvenate your skin if used on a regular basis. The ingredients are really easy to find too, all you need is potatoes, rice flour, and rose water.

Potatoes have bleaching properties and reduce dark spots and pigmentation on the skin. Add this magical ingredient to your natural skin care routine and get rid of patchy skin texture

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First peel one potato and cut it in half.

Use a food grater and finely cut the potato half.

Add 2 tablespoons of rice flour to the grated potato pieces.

(TIP: if your mix is too dry add some rice water. This step is optional because sometimes potatoes produce their own moisture)

Now start to smear the mix all over your face!

The nutrients in potatoes help reduce dark spots and reduce pigmentation.

Let the mask dry on your face for about 20-minutes.

Start peeling the mask off. You’ll notice your face instantly brighter!

Don’t forget to wash your face after so that your skin is clean!

Let me know what you think about this DIY recipe!

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  • Denra Denra on Sep 07, 2022

    Rice water or rose water?

    • Jim Andrews Jim Andrews on Sep 08, 2022

      I haven't tried it yet but in beginning she said rose water then in the end she said rice water. I don't think it matters which but if your face is sensitive or you are allergic to things, rice water is safer or plain water.


  • Lisa Lisa on Sep 08, 2022

    rice or rose water?