4 Preppy Color Combos That Ensure You Always Look Elegant

Fab Sakker
by Fab Sakker

It’s always easier to style outfits when you have a color palette to work with. Here, I'm sharing four preppy color combos to inspire you to put some chic outfits together.

In this tutorial, I'm going to give you a few preppy color combinations for your outfits that I think always look elegant. I'll be putting an outfit together for each combination, so let me know which is your favorite!

Preppy color combo 1

1. Red, white, and navy blue

The first color combination is just such a classic: red, white, and navy blue. Very patriotic for Americans (or, I guess, Brits, Aussies, and others too)!

It looks great in the summertime because it's got very nautical, summer yachting vibes, but I think you can use this color combination in preppy outfits all year round. 

Vintage Ralph Lauren ad

Recently, I've been really into vintage Ralph Lauren adverts. A lot of the time, the models are styled in red, white, and navy.

A really easy way that I incorporate these colors into my outfit is with my Ralph Lauren American flag sweater. It is such an iconic sweater, and I usually style this with some white shorts and white sneakers.

Bam! We've instantly got a really easy, casual, yet put-together, outfit. If it's a bit of a chiller day, I will pop over this bright red windbreaker. 

How to elevate preppy style

Also, with this color combination, I have this button-down jacket that I wear as a dress with my navy loafers. I think that the preppy color combination looks super elevated in this look.

Red, white, and blue doesn't have to be a full July 4th, Uncle Sam, fireworks going off - it can also look very elegant.

Preppy color combo 2

2. Green and pink

This color combination is a bit controversial because people either love it or hate it. I love it. It gives me 80s preppy vibes. I also think it's really fun; it's flamboyant, and it gives me summertime vacation, Beverly Hills hotel vibes.

I've paired a pink blouse with some green culottes, and then I'm wearing a pair of heels in a very light pink. It has a bit of that Palm Beach vibe, but it's still elevated.

Preppy color combo 3

3. Hot pink, white, and gold

Hot pink, white, and gold is another great preppy color combination. I'm not sure if hot pink really works with my skin tone, so here I've gone for a top in a lighter shade.

I have this bright pink top, and I always like to style it with my high-waisted white broderie anglaise shorts. Then, you can wear gold accessories with the hot pink and the white, and feature it that way.

Preppy color combo 4

4. Military red, black, and camel

This last preppy color combination is very "get the London look" to me. It's also very easy to achieve. I've gone for a white Oxford shirt, high-waisted black shorts, black flats, and then my trusty trench coat.

To bring the red into the outfit, I've popped on my red baker boy hat. I think this color combination looks good with that little pop of red in an accessory, maybe your shoes or something. I've also seen it done with a full red sweater with the camel trench coat and black jeans, and that also looks really nice.

So, there are four chic, preppy color combos for your outfits. It's always helpful to build your outfits around a color combination. I think that a large percentage of an outfit looking good is the colors you wear, so if you nail the colors, you look stylish and put together.

Which is your favorite of these preppy color combos?

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