Protect Your Hair While Playing Sports!

Taylor Pfeffer
by Taylor Pfeffer

Did you know the best way to protect your hair is to braid it in a loose braid? If not, now you do! This is a cute modern twist to the traditional braid. You can do this hairstyle if you’re playing sports or going to workout, it’s great because it keeps all your hair up and out of your face.

You’ll need 5 small rubber bands and 1 normal sized hair tie.

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Step 1: Split your hair with a middle part. Take a small portion of hair in the front of one side and make a tiny ponytail using one of the small rubber bands

Step 2: Grab a section of hair right behind where the ponytail is and make a second ponytail incorporating the hair from the first ponytail

(this is how it should look)

Step 3: Repeat on the other side!

Step 4: Pull all of your hair into one big ponytail using the larger hair tie

Step 5: Braid the large ponytail

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