Put This on Your Hair Before Showering for Softer Hair

by Shalini

Sometimes before showering is the best time to do a hair treatment. This recipe is for doing before a shower. It's super easy to make and all the ingredients you can get in a visit to your local super market.

You will need the following:

  • Over Ripe Banana (2-4 depending on hair length)
  • coffee powder
  • curd (2 TSP)
  • honey (1 TSP)

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Start with over ripe bananas you want them super soft and mushy. Depending on how long your hair is you'll need 2 to 4. I have very long hair so I will be using 4 bananas.

This is just normal coffee powder. You can use whatever brand you have at home. This bag is about the equivalent of using 1 or 2 Keurig cups if you use those instead of instant bag coffee like me.

Add 2 table spoons of curd

Add 1 table spoon of hone

Here is everything together now blend it into a paste. I recommend putting it in a blender for the smoothest consistency and overall easiness but you could also mash it together since the bananas are so soft and mushy.

Here is the consistency you are looking to get. Now apply it all over your hair making sure to get the roots first then working your way down your hair to all of the lengths

You can also rub it on your face for a nice glow. Leave it on for 30-minutes then take a shower and rinse everything off.

If you enjoy my style tips and fashion hacks you should also follow me on Instagram @beauty__secrets_with_shalini

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  • Audrey Audrey on Dec 18, 2022

    I just use a blob of coconut oil melt it between my hands rub it on my waist length hair work it through cover with a shower cap for 30 minutes to an hour then wash it makes my hair soft and easy to manage. Also, no static.

  • Shalini Shalini on Dec 28, 2022