Get Your Hair Out the Way and to Stay Put With These Double Braids

Mandy Sims
by Mandy Sims
2 Materials
10 Minutes

In this hair tutorial, I’m going to show you a double-braided look that is full of volume and will do a great job of getting your hair away from your face. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Hair clips
  • Hair ties
Tying high ponytail

1. Tie high ponytail

First, divide your hair down the center and tie a high ponytail on one side.


2. Clip up

Clip up that section of hair so it’s out of the way.

Tying ponytail

3. Tie another ponytail

Next, tie another ponytail below the first one.


4. Clip up second ponytail

Bring the first ponytail down, divide it into two, and then bring the second ponytail up through the first and clip it up.


5. Repeat

Now repeat this process: comb your hair at the back and tie it into a ponytail, let the clipped-up ponytail down, divide it into two, and bring the bottom ponytail up through it. 

Tying bottom

6. Tie bottom

Tie the bottom of your hair by creating a simple bubble braid.

Pulling on hair

7. Pull on hair

Pull on each section to make it more voluminous.


8. Repeat

Repeat on the other side of your hair.

Tying bun

9. Tie bun

Finish by tying the two ends of the pigtails together to make a bun. Pull on the bun to make it voluminous.

Double braid hairdo

Get your hair out the way and to stay put with these double braids

Here is the finished look. I love the braids on either side as well as the messy bun in the center.

This is a great hairstyle for when you want to get your hair away from your face and look stylish at the same time.

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair clips
  • Hair ties

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