How to Create Quick 10-minute Curls With a Flat Iron

Chloe Gillian
by Chloe Gillian
2 Materials
10 Minutes

These 10-minute quick curls are great for when you don’t have a lot of time in the morning but still want to look good. Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Hair straightener
  • Frizz serum
Applying serum

1. Apply a frizz serum

Rub a no-frizz repair serum between your hands and apply it through the ends of your hair.

First, rake it through and then rub it onto the surface of the strands. The longer your hair, the more of this serum you’ll need to apply. 

Sectioning hair

2. Section your hair

Only do two sections to keep this look quick and fast. Part it backward where your temples are. 

Tying bun

Go ahead and wrap that hair into a small bun, so it’s out of the way as we curl the bottom section first.

Splitting hair

3. Split the hair into two

Split the bottom section in the middle and then pull it over your shoulders, so you can work with the hair easily.

Curling hair

4. Curl hair

Take larger sections to do these curls, because you don’t want them super tight and coiled.

Rather, you want a loose and wavy look. Clamp the straightener down on the hair, and flip the end with a flick of the wrist to twist the straightener. 

Curling hair

Slowly pull the straightener down the hair until you get all of the ends through. 

Twisting curl

5. Twist the curl

Once you let go, wrap the curl with your finger.

If you let the curl hang there without twisting, the curl won’t form properly.

Curling hair

6. Repeat for your entire head

I curled about three sections per side. If you want tighter curls, you can take smaller sections but that will take longer.

Curling your hair with a straightener is much quicker than a curling iron because you don’t have to wait while you let the hair sit in the iron.

Progress shot

Here are all of the curls completed.

Running fingers through curls

Step 7: Run your fingers through the curls

Run your fingers through the curls to break them all up and fluff your hair out.

Mess it up, tousle it, and you can even put a little hairspray if you like. I don’t because I feel like my hair holds the curl pretty well. 

Touching up roots

8. Touch up the roots

Since we’re using bigger sections, if you find that sometimes you can’t get too much curl to the root, go back in with the straightener and curl those sections again.

Quick curls

Quick curls

Here’s the finished look! These quick curls are done in no time and they’re super cute and wearable.

Let me know your favorite quick curl technique in the comments below!

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair straightener
  • Frizz serum

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