How to Make a Scarlet Witch Costume for Halloween

by Its.rikke
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Halloween is coming up so, in light of the tv-show WandaVision, I will show you how to make the Scarlet Witch costume. This costume is inspired primarily by the comic version. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Bodice pattern
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Red fabric for bodice and headpiece
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Shoe sole as a template
  • Fabric for boots
  • Fabric for tights
  • Piece of flimsy cardboard for headpiece
  • Elastic band for headpiece
  • Hot glue gun (or fabric glue/super glue)
  • 2 yards red crepe satin fabric for the cape
Preparing bodice pattern pieces

1. Prepare bodice pattern pieces

Print and cut the free pattern pieces for the bodice.

The only changes I made were to extend the lines on the front, middle and side pieces, just to make the corset a bit pointier. 

Preparing bodice pattern pieces

You can see the difference in the image below: 

DIY Scarlet Witch bodice

2. Pin and cut bodice pieces

Pin the pattern pieces to your red fabric and cut them out.

Pinning and cutting bodice pieces

3. Sew the bodice

Use a sewing machine to sew together the bodice pieces.

Sewing the bodice

Here is the bodice so far:

Scarlet Witch bodice progress shot

Try on the corset and make any necessary adjustments for the perfect fit. I added the top notches and took in some extra material in the back. 

Trying on the bodice

4. Adjust the corset for added height (optional)

I decided that I wanted the bodice to go higher up, so I’m going to cut the corset in half and add a band, to give it that extra height.

I went with a V-shaped pattern. Draw out the pattern on one side, then fold the corset in half and then cut very carefully. (See video 3:08 - 3:22). Then, do the same thing for the back. 

Next, draw the shapes of each piece to pattern paper, add the extra length you want.

Adjusting the corset

Adjusting the corset

Cut it out and sew the top and bottom pieces together with the new strip. 

Cutting fabric

Extension strip

Here’s the bodice with the extension strip:

Bodice with extension strip

5. Making the boots

Make a pattern for the boots. Start by using a sole of a shoe that fits you well.

Making Scarlet Witch boots

Then I marked about 2.4 in (6 cm) from where I marked with red arrows. Then I just made an inexact curve around the heel and toes. This is the bottom of the foot pattern.

Making Scarlet Witch boots

For the back of the boot pattern, on the boot fabric, sketch out the length you’ll need from heel to thigh. The width at the top should be about half the circumference of your thigh measurement. Then just curve it in to meet up with the heel. Then, cut it out. (See video 6:15 - 6:25)

The resulting piece is the back part of the boot. Use it to trace another piece for the front, but instead of lining it up with the heel, you’ll line it up with the toe of the sole pattern.

Making Scarlet Witch boots

Once you’ve cut all the boot pieces, line up the sole piece to the bottom of one thigh piece, fold the sole piece over and sandwich it under the other thigh piece:

Making Scarlet Witch boots

Making Scarlet Witch boots

Then, sew all around the perimeter. This is how they turned out:

Completed Scarlet Witch boots

6. Making the tights

Keeping it simple here, just take a pair of yoga pants/leggings and trace them onto the tights fabric, then sew with a zigzag stitch.

Making Scarlet Witch tights

7. Making the headpiece

First, sketch out the shape of the headpiece. Feel free to print the headpiece pattern that I created

When printing out the pattern, scale it so that the lines on the box will measure approximately 2 inches. 

Trace the pattern to the cardboard:

Making Scarlet Witch headpiece

Then repeat with the faux-leather fabric:

Making Scarlet Witch headpiece

Hot glue the leather piece to the cardboard. If you don’t have hot glue, you could use fabric glue or super glue.

Making Scarlet Witch headpiece

Then cut about 3 inches of elastic. Refer to the notches on the pattern piece to mark where the elastic is meant to go on the headpiece. Then glue on the elastic. 

Making Scarlet Witch headpiece

Here’s the finished headpiece:

Completed Scarlet Witch headpiece

8. Making the cape

To make the cape, use about 2 yards of red crepe satin and just tie it comfortably around your neck. If you don’t sew an actual cape, you can reuse this fabric for another garment in the future. 

Scarlet Witch costume

Now it’s time to try everything on! I love how this Scarlet Witch costume is both sexy and comfortable. Please let me know in the comments if you’re planning to be Wanda this Halloween.

Completed Scarlet witch costume

Suggested materials:
  • Bodice pattern
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
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