How to DIY These Awesome Gel Sea Blue Nails

by RoseDIY13
7 Materials
30 Minutes

In this tutorial, I'm DIYing these beautiful sea blue nails.

This blue eye nail art is pretty simple to do and looks great, making it perfect for those of you looking for ocean blue nail designs. Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Base coat
  • Blue magnetic gel polish
  • Black gel polish
  • Off-white gel polish
  • Magnetic stick
  • Top coat
  • Metallic drawing gel
Applying first coat of gel polish

1. Apply the first coat of gel polish

Apply base gel first and cure, before applying your first coat of the magnetic gel polish.

Making pattern

2. Use the magnetic stick to make any shape and pattern you want

Use the magnetic stick to manipulate and move the particles to make the shape you want.

Progress shot

Here’s what mine looked like. After you’re satisfied with the shape, cure it for sixty seconds.

Applying gel polish

3. Repeat with the other nails

Repeat the same process with the other nails. I did this pattern with all of my nails except my middle nail, which I’ll show you how to do next.

Applying black polish

4. Apply black polish to the middle nail

For the middle nail, apply simple black nail polish to the nail and cure.

Applying a second coat

5. Apply the second coat

After the first coat is cured for sixty seconds, apply the second coat of the sea blue magnetic gel polish.

Using magnetic stick on nails

6. Use the magnetic stick to continue making the shape you want

Do this for all of the nails, and cure for sixty seconds.

Drawing line on nails

7. Draw a line on the side of the nail with metallic drawing gel

Using the metallic drawing gel, design your nails by drawing a line from the bottom of the nail’s edge to the top.

Drawing line on nails

8. Draw a wavy line to meet the line on the side

Continue the design by starting from the other bottom edge and drawing a wave to the top to meet the tip of the line you drew previously.

Repeat this with the other nails.

Adding blue gel polish

9. Add sea blue gel polish to the black nail

On the black nail, pour a large drop of the sea blue metallic gel on top and swirl it around with the same brush.

Adding lines

10. Draw two curved lines on the black nail

Use the drawing gel to draw two lines that follow the curve of the circle.

Using magnetic stick on nails

11. Use the magnetic stick to move the particles

Use the magnetic stick to manipulate the particles until you’re happy with the design.

Adding line

12. Draw a line through the blue polish

Use black polish and a thin brush to add a small curved line inside of the blue polish to mimic an eye.

Applying black polish

13. Apply another coat of black polish

Add an additional coat of black polish around the circle.

Adding dots

14. Apply off-white polish around the circle

Finish the design by adding three dots of off-white polish around the circle.

Progress shot

It should spread like this.

Curing sea blue nails

15. Cure for 60 seconds

Appling top coat

16. Apply top coat and cure

Apply a top coat on all of the nails and cure again.

Completed sea blue nails

Sea blue nails

That’s it! Here are the finished sea blue nails. I love this magnetic gel effect and the nail art eye that I did with it.

The application is very easy and smooth and it dries quickly with any UV light. It lasts up to 45 days with no irritating smell and it’s so bright and shiny.

Let me know what you think about this nail art down below!

Products used:

Suggested materials:
  • Base coat
  • Blue magnetic gel polish
  • Black gel polish
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