Cut the Sleeve Off of an Old Shirt...✂️ End up With New Slippers

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw
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20 Minutes

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can overhaul your old sandals into something brand new with just an old long-sleeved shirt. Let’s get right into it!

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Tools and materials:

  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Hot glue or sewing materials
  • Sandal
  • Scissors
Cutting sleeve

1. Cut the sleeve around the sandal

Lay an old sandal on a long-sleeved shirt. The sleeve should be thick enough to cover the entire show. Cut off the sleeve.

Pulling sleeve through sandal

2. Pull the sleeve through the sandal

Flip the sleeve inside out and pull it through the sandal.

Covering sandal with sleeve

3. Cover the sandal with the sleeve

Pull the front and the back of the sleeve over the sandal to cover it. 

Covering sandal with sleeve

Then, pull it back over the heel.

Closing up bottom of sandal

4. Close up the bottom of the sandal

Sew or hot glue the sleeve together on the bottom.

DIY slippers

Cut the sleeve off of an old shirt...✂️ end up with new slippers

Here are the finished DIY slippers!

This hack is so fun because you can use shirts with different types of fabric, thicknesses, patterns, and colors to get a completely unique slipper every time!

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Suggested materials:
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Hot glue or sewing materials
  • Sandal
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