DIY: Painted Stripes for Your Feet

So we needed to take pictures of my blazer from the Sew-A-Long and I wanted a pair of black and white striped heels for the outfit. I contemplated buying a pair of black and white striped heels but I was not sure how much use they would get so I decided as I often do to get a cheap pair of shoes and give them a face-lift. I don't know about these other bloggers out there but the need for a new pair of shoes for a photo shoot comes all too often and sometimes I ain't trying to spend a lot of money for the cause. I purchased these shoes for $22.99 and if it did not work out I would not be out of a lot of money.
The supplies needed for this project are shoes, tape and white & a clear coat spray paint.
 The tape was 1 inch wide which was the perfect width for the stripes so, I used the tape to mark the distance between the stripes. Making sure to only leave tape the areas that I wanted to remain black. Make sure to press the tape down really good. I did not have any painters tape on deck so I just used masking tape.
Make sure you tape the inside of the shoe so no paint gets on it.
Be sure to tape the sides of the shoe and the bottom. I wasn't concerned about the bottom on these shoes so I didn't tape the whole thing.
Let the paint party begin! Give your shoes two or three good coats of white paint and a few coats of clear coating. Be careful not to spray too close, you don't want any drips on the shoes.
Now it's time to slowly remove the tape! *** I thought the masking tape would work well but it did not. The paint seeped through so I had a LOT of cleaning up to do. I paint all the time and I should have known better. If I could have kicked my own butt I would have!
I used paint thinner and a pencil eraser to get these lines cleaned up and yes I did say eraser. I also had to take a paint brush to touch up some of the paint. These shoes look pretty cool so I am glad that I painted them, I just wish I would have used the right tape. Up close you can see imprecations but on the foot these babies are going to be too fly. Oh yeah I added another shiny clear sealer on top after I cleaned them up.If you have a steady hand you could absolutely hand paint the stripes on the shoes.
The moral of this story is don't be afraid to paint your shoes and to use painters tape if you do! This is an easy way to make a statement pair of shoes that you may only use once and it won't break your bank! You can always give it a try on an old pair of shoes.This is the suit I painted the shoes for!  Click here for more pics!Until next time.

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