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Need some new shoes for the summer? These DIY rose slides are the perfect pair! Completely transform a pair of simple, plain slides to create beautiful rose slides. This project is fun, easy, and super quick.

How to make DIY sandals

Tools and materials:

  • Slides
  • Red ribbon
  • Rose flowers
  • Pliers
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Scissors 
Rose slides

Cut the ribbon 

The first step of this DIY is to measure and cut the red ribbon. Make sure that you have enough ribbon to overlap over each side of the top of the slide. Then use the piece of ribbon as a template to cut 3 more. 

Fold the ribbon

Next, place the ribbon on the top of the slide and fold a crease line into one corner. 

Rose sandals

Glue on the ribbon 

Apply the glue in this area and then place the folded ribbon over it, sticking it down. You’ll have to use both pieces of ribbon to cover the top of the slide. Let the glue dry before you continue sticking down the other side. 

Glue inside

Once you have glued down the sides, put a single strip of glue on the inside and fold over the fabric to stick it down. 

Make rose sandals

Add roses 

Next, use the pliers to remove the wire stem from the roses. 

Glue the center

After cutting the stem all the way down, apply some hot glue to the back of the rose to hold the petals together. Repeat this for all the roses and let the glue dry. 

Stick on the rose

When applying them to the shoe, you want to make sure you have your largest flower in the center of the shoe. Apply some glue to the center and stick the rose in place. 

Add extra glue

Once the flower is in the center you can reinforce it by adding some glue under the bottom petals. Then go ahead and add the other two flowers to the shoe. Try and fill up the shoe so that the ribbon shows as little as possible. 

Make rose slides

Let the glue dry and you will have yourself a pretty pair of rose slides! Share your thoughts on this DIY project in the comments below!  

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