DIY : Sneakers & Studs, I'm All About That STUD Life!

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I ordered a bunch of studs so now I'm bout to stud everything that I can find. You saw the re-fashion denim skirt which I used silver studs to give this skirt a new lease on life and

 if you didn't see it, whatdaya say you click HERE to see what I'm talking about. So my next adventure in studding would be a pair of white canvas sneakers for myself. I was going to stud a pair of Chucks but I think baby steps are in order since the Chucks are about $50.00 a pop and I ain't sure how this is gonna come out. So a trip to Target it was and these $16.99 sneaks will do. Now I'm working with sew on studs that I am going to glue to the canvas sneakers but you can work with whatever type of studs you want to use. Let's get started!

Items needed for this project: Sneakers, 200 Studs ,Glue (if your not using studs with prongs or screws) Toothpicks (you can use the toothpicks to apply the glue) and some type of cardboard or paper plate to work over. 


Here are some studded sneaks that I found online. Some may be DIY and some are purchased with the studs. I love the high top converse studded so I am going to stud a pair for myself since these came out pretty cool.

These are some fancy-smancy studs right dere!

These are screw in studs, much more expensive that the pronged or glue on studs.


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That Black Chic
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  • Leslie Leslie on Jun 17, 2021

    You did a wonderful job on making these and I love them, BUT lol with the white pair you made to show your process, when you wear them, have you nicked your inside shin when walking by mistake? Thank you for the tutorial :)

    • That Black Chic That Black Chic on Jun 18, 2021

      Hahahaha! The studs are plastic. If you nick yourself, then you're walking wrong!

  • Lady EJ Lady EJ on Apr 12, 2023

    Wow simply awesome 👌🏾