Glam Valentine Outfit Ideas and Cute DIY Heart Shoes to Match Them!

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With Valentine's Day just a few days away I wanted to post some outfit ideas and share how to make these easy heart shoe clips.

Do you have big plans for LOVE day? It's a fun time to get glammed up and paint the town RED!

I saw this photo of the perfect Valentine shoe, but these red bottom beauties run around $750 each, I think we can recreate something similar for a fraction of the cost.

For this project, all you really need are these cute heart stickers purchased bought at Hobby Lobby on sale for $2 and a pair of shoes. If you want to be able to remove the heart without damage to your shoes, you will also need blank shoe clips, (Amazon) and a glue gun.

Start by choosing the size and color of heart you want and then lay it on top of the shoe you want to use so you can see where the clip will need to be placed. This will vary depending on the shoe and where you want the heart located on it. Just make sure if you are using the clip, it is not visible at the top.

Since these are stickers, you could just remove the paper backing and stick them directly onto your shoe, however, as stated, it could damage the shoe finish if you try to remove them depending on how strong the glue is, which is why I prefer to use clips, it's an easy way to add embellishments without it being permanent or damaging. If you just love the heart shoe or have old shoes you don't wear or care about the finish, the peel and stick may be a better option for you.

Lay the heart with the color side facing down and with the paper backing facing up. Have your clip already opened, put hot glue in the center a little bigger than the round size of your clip head.

Quickly place the opened shoe clip, with the teeth facing front onto the glue and press it down with the glue gun to not burn your fingers.

Let it cool completely before putting it on the shoe. The hot glue could damage your shoe if you put it on too quickly.

Once it dried and is no longer warm, place the clip on the center front of the shoe and close the clip. You have a "new" pair of shoes for just a few dollars.

A "new" pair of shoes for under $3! Target heels just got a cute upgrade. I used the clips on 3 different pair of shoes for the outfit changes, so easy to transfer them. You can also use them on hat bands, jacket lapels, or belts.

The first pair I wore them with is a patent black heel, very similar to the designer brand. This outfit also had a small DIY project with it as well.

I bought this new with tags prom skirt for $5 at my local Goodwill, it was for an extra tall person as you can see. It was much too long and needed to be shortened.

Using a quick shortcut, I laid a skirt that was the right length on top of it and used it as a template to cut the excess off.

I think I will use the leftover fabric to make a wrap or something in the future.

Hearts and flowers, a perfect combo for a Valentine's date with my hubs. A cute rhinestone bow belt was $13 from Ross dress for less. The sheer heart top was from Shein for $11 I bought last year.

I added a red crinoline underneath for fullness and another cute pop of red. It's not necessary, but I love the fun of it.

The skirt has pockets which gives it extra bonus points!

The 2nd outfit is just changing the skirt. This was also a $5 thrifted piece. I like a full skirt as it always makes the waist smaller and it gives a vintage vibe that I really love. I call this skirt Alice, since it kind of has a wonderland kind of feel to it. Having a black and white skirt just makes the red hearts stand out. This top would look good with just about anything, even jeans.

Number 3- you can't go wrong with wide leg satin pants for a holiday outfit. These thrifted vintage Ann Taylor cuties have been in my closet for over a decade.

Number 4- A plain $8 black turtleneck dress is a perfect canvas to highlight fun accessories. An $8 charm chain belt from Ross, $11 red trim fedora, and this adorable red lips on leopard purse I thrifted for $10, a great match with the leopard heels and heart clips.

Adding a red and pink heart scarf breaks up the black dress.

Scarves are always a great way to upstyle just about any coat This RED one was only $10 on Poshmark.

Accessories while small make a big impact on an outfit. None of these pieces were expensive, but they appear so when put together. It's the perfect day to LOVE your outfit.

I hope you have the most AMAZING Valentine's Day!!


Suggested materials:
  • Heart stickers   (Hobby Lobby)
  • Blank shoe clips   (Amazon)
  • Pants and 2 skirts and bag   (Goodwill)
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