4 Simple Steps to Make Gorgeous Expensive Looking Flip-flops

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Hey, guys! Today, I’m going to show you how to make these really pretty, DIY flip-flops with fabric. It’s an easy way to give your flip-flops an expensive designer look. Before we start making these embellished flip-flops, I recommend removing the logo on the flip-flops with acetone or nail polish remover and it’ll come off pretty easily. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Needle and thread
  • Fabric or ribbon
  • Button
  • Flip flops
DIY flip-flops with ribbon

1. Create the bow 

I’m going to be using a 3¼-inch black ribbon which I’m going to fold to the center to make the bow. Then, I use a needle that’s double-threaded with button or carpet thread. It’s a bit thicker than your typical sewing thread. I’m just putting large basting stitches right through the center.

Embellished flip-flops

2. Attach the button to the bow

To add the button, first, thread the needle through the loop to lock in the position. 

Pulling needle through center of the bow

Then, pull the needle back through the center of the bow. 

Pulling needle through button

Pull the needle through the button. 

DIY flip-flop ideas

Then attach it by pushing the needle upwards through the center. Because the thread is so thick, you don’t have to keep going through the button. 

Wrapping thread around the bow

The button is going nowhere, so all you need to do is just wrap it once to hold it firmly in place.

Stitching button to bow

Then do one more stitch to hold it in place.

Sewing bow to flip-flop

3. Sew the bow to the flip-flop

Place the bow on the center of the flip-flop and hold it in place. Then, wrap the thread around the straps a few times by going under and wrapping right in the center. Secure it so it’s tight. 

DIY flip-flops decorations

Then, push the needle through the center of the strap and the bow. Do this twice so it’s locked in place.

Cutting off excess thread

4. Trim

Cut off the excess thread, and you’re done!

Black embellished flip flops

DIY flip-flops with fabric tutorial

These black embellished flip-flops look like a million bucks! They’re really gorgeous and so simple to make. Let me know what you think about these DIY flip-flops with ribbon down below and share your own ideas for DIY flip-flop decorations.

How to fix flip flops

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Suggested materials:
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Fabric or ribbon
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    Too bad the Chanel buttons are $56 on eBay. Not quite the good idea I was hoping for.

  • Adriana G Adriana G on Jul 24, 2022

    I got mine on Alibaba and they were inexpensive. Check there.